How I Spent the 29th

On Saturday, I went to a board game café with three of my old underclassmen, two of which are old friends. The place was called Snakes & Lattes, and I actually went there before over the summer with one of those friends. There’s a $5 seating fee which lets you stay as long as you want until closing, playing as many board games you want from their shelves. If you like the board games you played, they also have them available for sale. If you don’t know what to play, the staff is happy to help. And, surprisingly enough, they keep an eye on what board games your table seems to be enjoying if you’ve played any before asking, and are happy to warn you if you unwittingly grab a complex and/or long game from the shelves. You can also buy some food to keep yourself satiated during your stay. The staff is so helpful that the literal only problem I’ve had with their service is that both times I was there, they were so slow with one of my table’s orders per stay (last time it was a sandwich, this time it was a drink) that we thought they forgot about it.

SandL Brain Turtle (With Shell)
This place labels their tables by animal. Conveniently enough… Yeah.

SandL Brain Turtle (Without Shell)
We laughed when we saw this under the shell.

It was certainly a fun experience to mess around while catching up with old acquaintances, though. One of them chose to do an extra two years of high school, one was entering their second half of their final year without any idea of what to go into, and the last one had just gotten out of school for game creation in Vancouver. The last one of those three, the only one who’s not an old friend but is instead merely an acquaintance, was the only girl in the group and was the 3D artist for Turtles all the Way (known under a different name at the time) for a short period before she had to drop out of the project due to classes giving her no time. We spent a lot of the time talking about games, including mine, and were joking around about the unfortunate implications in some of the board games we were playing (using the Thief card to steal a Harem card in Dominion, for example… and the fact that the Harem card can be used as money). Especially funny game topics we covered included game-breaking bugs in professionally-released games, such as the infamous Big Rigs.

There are certainly worse ways to spend a day. And it sure is convenient to have a wall in between the normal and bar sections of the place. It’s just too bad that the standard going price for any given board game is your first-born and your eternal soul, or I’d have gone home with a few of them.

The first time I went, I couldn’t help but realize that making that place was probably someone’s dream. It’s nice to see that it materialized in such a good way for that person, whoever he or she is.