Rundown the Street 3

Lots of stuff has happened, and I suppose it’s now time for another Rundown the Street. Let’s get right into things, then, shall we?

The first piece of news I’d like to talk about is today’s announcement of Pokémon X Version and Pokémon Y Version, both of which will be in full 3D and released on 3DS in October, the first simultaneous worldwide release for Pokémon. The region is, rather clearly, based on Western Europe, with France being especially central (as the Eiffel Tower was shown in in the first trailer for it.

While mainline Pokémon 3DS games are overdue, it still feels way too early for generation 6, but I suppose that Game Freak disagrees with me on that point. In any event, I’d best not comment to much on it until we have more to go on, but I hope that the games make full use of the capabilities of the system.

Atelier Ayesha PosterAtelier Ayesha has been confirmed for a North American, as well as European release, but a recent piece of news has been a significant surprise. Tecmo Koei, who recently bought the developers at Gust, has been confirmed as the publisher for Western audiences. NIS America handled the Western releases of previous games in the series, and had even announced that they would be the ones publishing Ayesha, so this came as a big surprise.

When asked if they had lost the rights to the series, NIS America instead stated that they still held the rights to all of the games in the series that they had released overseas, which really makes you wonder what exactly is going on with the rights to the Atelier games, and whether or not this will ruin all chances of the updated port of Atelier Meruru from making it overseas. If you’re wondering what exactly the Atelier series is, I haven’t played it, but it’s apparently a series of RPGs about alchemy and store-keeping, or something along those lines.

THQ has recently gone bankrupt and their properties will be sold off, piece by piece, to their highest bidders. Warner Bros., Ubisoft and EA have all expressed interest in obtaining the rights to series owned by THQ, but the three of them were all likely referring to only Saint’s Row and Warhammer 40,000. Fans of games made by the company are practically in tears, as their games were apparently very good. That said, those fans were apparently unable to put their money where their mouths were, as the Humble THQ Bundle, which was the first Humble Bundle to have AAA titles, had a pitifully low average price paid. Other properties published by THQ include Darksiders and Metro.

THQ had attempted to sneak a deal that would have let them be purchased as one whole company while their investors were busy enjoying time off during the holiday season, but they caught on and got a judge to impose the aforementioned solution.

On December 31st, 2012, the creator of Senran Kagura tweeted “I’ll wrap the world in happy boobs next year.” It’s no secret that a Western release of the game, reportedly created solely to appreciate the existence of large breasts, is being worked on as a digital release for 3DS, and this is as good a confirmation as any that it will be coming out this year. Senran Kagura also has an anime adaptation currently airing as part of the Winter 2013 anime season.

Neptunia Anime Promo

The Neptunia anime adaptation, titled Chōjigen Game Neptune: The Animation, has been confirmed to air in the Summer 2013 anime season. David Production, known for Ben-To and the recent Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure remake, will be animating the series.

The creator of recent Shonen Jump hit Kuroko’s Basketball has recently been receiving death threats, as have events and locations even tangentially related to the series. This has resulted in mass cancellations of said events, and all groups that intended to sell goods related to the series were barred from setting up shop at the recent Comic Market (Comiket) 83. The aforementioned death threats apparently contained potentially poisonous substances in the letters that announced these threats.

Sony has supposedly filed a patent that allows them to tie discs to accounts, which may be a potential anti-used game DRM move for their next console. That said, we don’t actually have any idea what they intend to do with it.

CES 2013 Logo

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has dropped a flurry of game consoles being made by companies smaller than the big three. Valve announced that a large amount of TV PCs optimized for Steam will hit the market soon, with the first one being announced being Xi3’s Piston, which will cost $500 or $1000 depending on the model. Nvidia announced an Android handheld called the Shield. Razer has announced their own handheld Windows 8-based gaming system called the Edge.

Outside of the CES, things such as the Android-based GameStick were also announced, and developer copies of the Ouya have only recently started arriving. These and the other recently announced devices, dubbed micro-consoles, seem to be hoping to break their way into the gaming market. And I really only have a few things to say about it. The first of which is that they will cannibalize each other’s sales, so most or all of them will flop. The second thing I have to say is that it’s a good thing I chose Unity for Turtles all the Way, since that makes porting to these systems an effortless affair if any of them do survive. As it stands, though, each of them has too many problems and too much competition.

Radar Logo 2

Now for blog news. In order to reduce and/or eliminate my queue of things to review, I will be decreasing the intervals between Under Your Radar posts for the next few months (starting after Saturday’s Under Your Radar: To Love-Ru), aiming for 2-3 per week, likely for the next two or three months. This is because the current queue contains 34 separate things to review, and I’d likely add much more to it by the time I handle them all at a one-per-week rate. With my speeding up Under Your Radar, the debut of Did Not Finish with Did Not Finish: Record of Agarest War Zero will be delayed until the time comes when I return Under Your Radar to its normal schedule. If you’re curious as to what exactly this queue consists of, here’s a link to a PhotoBucket album showing all 34 preview images.

I am also considering making Rundown the Street a normal blog column, as it has dawned on me that I’m more on top of the news than most of my blog followers.