Atman all the Way

Quick Logo From Josh (Recieved Size)As you may already be aware, I have a musician and an artist working with me on Turtles all the Way for now, though all of us are presently stumped. Under normal circumstances, I would have no idea how to describe the musician’s level of musical skill to the followers of this blog, due to my complete lack of knowledge of music-related things.

But it seems there’s another way for me to do it. It seems that he has a Bandcamp account and sells music albums on it. So, without further ado, why not click on his logo to get to his Bandcamp page? The convenient thing about Bandcamp is that you can listen to the songs in the album for free. I should note that his latest album, REcollections, contains a bonus track named “Borealis”, which was created for Turtles all the Way. Since it’s a bonus track, you cannot listen to that one for free. =P

And no, he didn’t talk to me before doing that. But he technically has no legally binding reason to do so yet.

Cropped Atman Logo