Under Your Radar: So I Can’t Play H

Reason why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki

Deeper and rougher, softer and gentler
That’s how I want you to drive me
To appeal to my passion
I want to become one with you

Your eyes drift
Your despicable wandering egoism
This secret veil that I wear
Will you be the one to remove it for me?

Desires dance for all to see…
What part of me makes you do that?
What is it about me that excites you? Tell me
Wait… I’m gonna get a little jealous

Farther than the sky, deeper than the underworld
The Freaky Queen that descended
From the castle of darkness
With her death sickle as her conductor
A requiem of allure

What will I swear on the cross put through my heart
Acting all playfully?
My fingertips tease you
A drop of temptation before the storm
Reel in the thread that links us and come to me right now
Make your love wade through
The sweet honey that overflows from my heart
Reason why kiss. Don’t let me go

If that didn’t make it obvious, this work is blatantly NSFW. I chose to not use any NSFW screenshots in my post, but it should be noted that finding them was quite difficult.

Radar Logo 2

Boku-H Volume 1 CoverToday’s Under Your Radar covers So I Can’t Play H, known in Japan as Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai., which means the same thing except with a period at the end (the “H” is short for “ecchi”, which means perverted), Boku-H for short. It’s a light novel series that’s been recently adapted into manga and anime format. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, who made it available for viewing on The Anime Network and Crunchyroll.

The series is about a high school student named Ryōsuke Kaga, who values women, but you wouldn’t be able to tell through his explicit pervertedness. One day, he meets a grim reaper named Lisara Restall, who needs his help to find a special person of amazing ability. Ryōsuke will die soon, but he may be able to be saved if he helps Lisara out.

Boku-H Gram

Great premise, worst execution ever. Lisara turns out to need Ryōsuke’s help solely so she can extract power from his boner to fight demons sent to stop her. Likewise, she, or someone else, has to somehow give him a boner for him to be able to give her power. Luckily, Ryōsuke turns out to have a good enough imagination to not need too much assistance.

The series spends the first 8 or so episodes giving him a harem and providing fanservice via clothing damage, but otherwise going nowhere. Then interesting stuff happens for a few episodes and we’re tossed back into gratuitous fanservice and very boring writing for the end as they prevent Ryōsuke from dying. The end.

Boku-H Screenshot


No (Tall Version)

This has to be the most blatant waste of time I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Stay away. This doesn’t even deserve a glance.