ICY: Intro-Misdirection

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by the concept artist for Turtles all the Way (who uses the username blessthecold and prefers to be called Icy or Josh). Any future guest posts from him will contain the prefix “ICY:”. Just wanted to make that clear. Aside from this disclaimer, formatting fixes where needed to mesh with the rest of the blog, and edits where he explicitly states he wants me to edit, his guest posts will be unedited (though I should note that I won’t just let anything through).

**Okay, first off I want to say that I am posting this from my phone. So Anthony will have to add any relevant pictures and formatting himself at my discretion later.**

I know it’s Anthony has already said his words on the art direction, but not my own personal one and having read the script; now feels like a great time to put in my 2¢. Care to guess what it is? That’s right. Burnpsy is out of his damn mind.

The script initially reads like Final Hallway 13 with little indication as to where the gameplay segments actually take place. There are parts in the opening that feel great for a tutorial combat segment and general control scheme using a false sense of power sort of thing. Yet nowhere does that actually occur, instead its a series of hallways and pseudo-conversational dialogue that’s more there like a Megaman X story segment than anything resembling a game. Even again… in script form.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing at all. In fact when you finally do get to the explicit parts where gameplay very clearly takes place, it breaks the fourth wall in a way that would make Deadpool cry in respect. He also has things lain out quite nicely for anyone to hop in and give their own opinion without destroying his God Hand Final Fantasy Castlevania fruitcake thing he has going on. It’s both handy and respectful but nothing near the confidence he has in it to be worthwhile.

Sadly I didn’t get much further before my computer started to fail on me, thus he will have to post everything on a private site for me so I can do the artwork and stuff over the course of the next month and a half while my laptop is in repair.

And I do realize that this digressed immediately into me giving constructive criticism on his script than anything to do with the art. So to make up for that this text will be bolded to inform him it is okay to post the boss concepts from my twitter onto this post for me. Note: neither concepts will necessarily represent the final look of this foe.

Editor’s Note: As he wasn’t too clear as to how far he actually read into the script, I would like to clarify that he read the introduction, as well as the first half of Magnet’s story. The art he is referring to can be found below. They are of the endgame boss Jesus Reyes. Click on them for the rather large full size images.

Jesus Reyes 1 Jesus Reyes 2


2 thoughts on “ICY: Intro-Misdirection

  1. Welcome to the blog…what should I call you? Ignoring that, I hope you bring your perspective here again in the future.

    I’m definitely feeling some potential in those boss sketches.

    • Just call me Icy or Josh. Really simple that way since my insistence to use my real name and rather rare alias has me readily identified by everyone. And thank you, I know I’m much different from Anthony but another viewpoint is pretty ideal for what amounts to currently a 3 man team.

      Not to mention whatever I draw will inevitably work with Atman or his music work with what I draw on top of the actual story scenario. As well as when my laptop gets out of repair, I may actually learn that industry standard free modeler to do the in game assets as well if at all possible. Oh… and no I won’t reiterate that fact elsewhere.

      Again I ramble. ;-;… Anyway, yea. I will take the art direction in a whole new direction now though after talking to Anthony over Skype earlier. The base ideas will stay the same though, hopefully able to keep the motorcycle wing.

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