Schedule Expansion and Alterations, Effective March

This blog has been quiet. Too quiet. When I started this blog, the original intention was for it to be daily. That didn’t work out, of course. That said, I still wanted to post with some amount of regularity. Still, my morale has fallen somewhat due to the stats that show just who views my blog, with the amount averaging at ~40 per day, including people who get here through Google image searches (thus why the image-heavy Under Your Radar: The World God Only Knows has the highest hit count of all individual posts, by far). My amount of blog followers has plateaued in the ballpark of 65 people at any given time, counting spam accounts on Twitter and not counting the undocumented group of people following through direct links or RSS feeds (I can guarantee those sorts of people read this blog, through inbound data and people outright telling me).

While it hasn’t even been 11 months yet, I’m posting only around 10 posts per month, too, which feels way too low for my tastes. Most other blogs I look at tend to post somewhere between 15-25 on an average month, and I tend to have a lot of things to say and just plain never get around to expressing them outside of maybe a few tweets. Yet my time is limited, and most blog posts take over an hour for me to properly format to meet my standards (and, even then, I still slip up often by forgetting pictures or just plain missing grammatical mistakes or major omissions).

New Columns

So here’s what I’ll do. I am introducing two more blog columns. Unlike my announcement of Did Not Finish, which was then followed by a delay in the form of expediting Under Your Radar to reduce its queue, these will start their schedule ASAP, likely at the start of March, perhaps with a few hiccups and adjustments as I get used to it and life inevitably makes me late (as you can see with my constant schedule slips on Under Your Radar).

The columns in question are as follows:

RTS Logo

Rundown the Street will now be featured on the blog as a weekly column. It will serve as a retrospective, going over the past week or so’s worth of news and commenting on it. I don’t really feel as if this needs too much of an introduction, though, since one of my last posts was a Rundown the Street. I will be posting them in a similar layout to that one.

JTOC LogoWhile most people following this blog aren’t aware of the business sides of the industries I speak about, this one aims directly at one in particular – the manga industry. In Japan, the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine by Shueisha is the most popular manga magazine by far, producing several big hits. As a result, space in the magazine is extremely competitive, and they take votes weekly to determine which series are popular. Every three or so months, they cancel two or three series and start new ones, keeping the magazine rather fresh. While the vote counts aren’t made public, it has been confirmed that the magazine is organized in a manner that factors in votes from eight chapters ago.

I’ll need an entire post to bring people up to speed on the guidelines involved and explaining what the current series in the magazine are, but I will be posting the rankings weekly. This won’t be much of a strain on me, since I already post them elsewhere, but I will make the equivalent blog posts more detailed and contain more news about the magazine than the other places I post this info. As a result, my posting these on the blog will be later than where I post them otherwise, which was already something beyond my control.

DNF LogoIn addition, Did Not Finish will no longer be held back. Did Not Finish, much like what is intended with Under Your Radar, will be weekly until my queue runs dry, after which I will make it irregular, showing up whenever I find something new to cover with it. However, the queue for this is even longer than for Under Your Radar, so that’ll be quite a while. In doing this, however, note that Under Your Radar will return to once per week.

Resulting Schedule

The end result from this is four blog columns. There are seven days in a week, so it would make sense for me to space them out so they go up every other day. The first thing to schedule is, logically, the one thing I can’t control, which is when the table of contents from each week’s Weekly Shōnen Jump becomes available online. As this happens anywhere between Monday and Wednesday, and I want more time to make the posts more detailed, Friday would make the most sense for it.

If Rundown the Street will be a weekly retrospective, it’s best placed on a weekend. Since I already have Friday taken, Saturday would be stupid, so I’ll post those on Sundays, which make the most logical sense anyway.

This kicks Under Your Radar out of its Saturday slot, as it’s now surrounded. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday remain available for it and Do Not Finish, which means I have to do posts on back-to-back days no matter what. Luckily, however, even with the expansions I’ll be making to the Jump Table of Contents information in my posts, those won’t require much effort, meaning that Thursdays should be safe, leaving me at odds between Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last two columns. As Under Your Radar has been running posts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays lately as extras to whittle down my queue, I may as well make Tuesday the official day. That leaves Did Not Finish for Thursdays.

The result is as follows:

Sunday: Rundown the Street
Tuesday: Under Your Radar
Thursday: Did Not Finish
Friday: Weekly Shōnen Jump ToC Rankings

This is, of course, subject to delays and the like, or being replaced/displaced by other blog posts. I will also be adding another column that will run quarterly, but I’ll announce what it is later.

That concludes my announcement. Let’s hope I can keep up with this in March.