Rundown the Street (17/03/13)

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It’s time for this week’s Rundown!

One Piece to Run on Toonami

At a recent anime convention, Toonami announced that they would be running One Piece at some point in the near future. This will be One Piece‘s second chance on TV after 4Kids damaged the brand to hell and back when they held the rights to the series. The people at Toonami are still working out at what point they’ll start and when it’ll begin airing. The previous airing, which was butchered by 4Kids, cut out a significant amount of episodes and the rather important character that is Laboon the whale, ending at the Skypeia arc. FUNimation has re-dubbed the series uncut only a bit farther than that, covering up to the main characters’ arrival at Enies Lobby. This places the dub itself at about 7 years behind Japan, and airing from the beginning would be 13-14 years behind.

4Kids Flatter Than The Earth Censor
Left: 4Kids Version. Right: All Other Versions.

I am currently hoping that they have some arrangement planned out to get through the episodes quickly, since even Naruto and Bleach aren’t that far behind. They could theoretically start where the previous airing stopped or somewhere close and do a recap like they did for Bleach when Toonami started and Bleach was already hundreds of episodes in, but there’s also the concern of possibly running out of dubbed episodes.

In other news, the revived Toonami will be turning 1 in April, having gained momentum for its official return after being brought back as an April Fools’ Day joke. To celebrate this, they’re upgrading the host, TOM 3.5 to 5.0, with new CG for him and his ship. In addition, they’ve updated the logo, will run a comic linking all the TOMs together and will air the movie Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone at about 1 AM on the day this post goes up (roughly an hour after this is set to auto-post itself).

Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP Confirmed for Vita

Neptunia PP Cover ArtWhile there were small leaks before, Compile Heart has fully announced the fourth Neptunia game, and it’s not a PS3 JRPG! Rather, it’s a Vita idol sim called Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP (which the press has taken to calling Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP, so I’ll refer to it as that for now as well). The game puts you in the role of a male scout who will attempt to make one of the CPUs into an idol, and eventually they may… fall in love with you and/or let you touch parts of their body and let out a reaction based on what part of the body you do.

I was looking forward to it until I heard that last sentence’s worth of information. Do not want.

While I would normally give the developer the benefit of the doubt here, this is Compile Heart we’re talking about. While a lot of their games have been fairly harmless so far, Mugen Souls needed to have part of it surgically removed to avoid an AO rating overseas, not to mention this was the first look we got at Monster Monpiece, their first Vita game (video is NSFW, especially if someone nearby knows Japanese):

If, by some miracle, Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP comes out in English, I will purchase a Vita for it. But if it’s along the lines of Mugen Souls or Monster Monpiece, expect a censor followed by a shitstorm.

Apollo Justice Will Be in Ace Attorney 5

Apollo AA5Apollo Justice’s design for Ace Attorney 5 has been revealed, and he’s badass as hell. Fanart has already appeared for him in his new look, and can you blame them?

The question has now become what role he will play. While he looks like a prosecutor in several ways, he looks almost nothing like the silhouette of the prosecutor that we’ve already seen. It is worth noting that his attorney’s badge is not visible, he appears to be wearing a police jacket, and his profile on the official website provides no useful information in terms of what he’s doing in this new game.

This has, however, calmed the minds of many who thought that Apollo would basically disappear from the series after Phoenix returned to the courtroom. I’ll be honest, I liked playing as Apollo.

More Info About New Saki Spin-Off; Anime Delayed

Saki Side A Final PageSaki: Episode of Side A ended earlier this month, and its end was accompanied by an announcement for another spin-off for the Saki series. A new development has informed us that it isn’t about Awai (the final boss, in a sense, of Episode of Side A) in middle school.

In related news, however, the main series’ creator is returning to drawing the series after a hiatus due to surgery, so it will return in April. However, the delay from the surgery has caused the anime, planned for later this year, to be moved to Spring 2014. As all Saki anime seem to run extremely close to the manga, it was rather obvious that this would happen.

How the spin-off ended is really pissing me off right now, but I’ll save that for when I do my review (for which I will wait until the anime is finished).

Pokémon Rumble U Takes Cues From Skylanders

Pokémon Rumble U, the third entry to the Pokémon Rumble spin-off series, has released some more information than was previously available. Among the information was that the game would be the first to use the Wii U’s NFC capabilities. they intend to do this by selling toy figures that carry data for use in the game, Skylanders-style.

While Skylanders‘ massive profits show that this is good for Game Freak’s income, I don’t know if I like the move. I’ve been interested in Skylanders for a long time, but have refused to actually try it out because the figures just cost too much money. If Pokémon Rumble U isn’t fun enough without having to use them, I have no desire to purchase the game, despite having the previous two games.

Some Other Stuff

Pandora's Tower Screenshot

I’m making this a normal fixture. Basically, point-form news information that doesn’t deserve a write-up with images for each. Here we go:

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning recently dropped its price by half and followed that up by running a 24-hour sale discounting its newly-lowered price by another 50%. This is the first time the Steam version has been discounted or been sold for anything other than $60 since the developer went bankrupt, causing the game’s ownership to transfer to the state of Rhode Island.
  • The voice actor behind PaRappa the Rapper wants a new game to be made for the series and is leading a petition for it. PaRappa, as it stands, is nearly impossible to play well on HDTVs due to the lag caused by post-processing (which is why relatively newer rhythm games ask you to calibrate), so such a game would be appreciated. Perhaps as a Vita exclusive to avoid the aforementioned issue.
  • Several untranslated Japanese PS1 games are being made available on North American PSN. While such treatment would be fine for some games, the line-up includes RPGs and a visual novel named Sentimental Graffiti, which absolutely need the text. In my opinion, there is no point to these without a translation, with one exception. A riichi mahjong game is among the games listed. All mahjong games prior to it in the North American market were solitaire only. For those curious, it’s listed as Mahjong Uranai Fortuna: Tukino Megamitachi. It’s the only game on the list I’m considering with no translation.
    • For the sake of anyone who may recognize them, the full list of these games (with official spelling used on PSN in-tact) are as follows: Sentimental GraffitiFavorite Dear: Enkan no Monogatari, First Queen IV, Mahjong Uranai Fortuna: Tukino Megamitachi, Motorhead: High Velocity Entertainment, Rung Rung: Oz no Mahou Tsukai, and Trump Shiyouyo! (Fukkoku Ban). Sentimental Graffiti received an anime adaptation called Sentimental Journey a long time ago.
  • Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons will be made available for 3DS Virtual Console by this Summer. As a result of this move, the only main Zelda game that is not playable in some form on a Wii U or 3DS will be The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (although Minish Cap‘s port was exclusive to the 3DS ambassador program and the updated DSi port of Four Swords was a limited time offer).
  • The ninth volume of Haganai (also known as Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) has been indefinitely postponed for undisclosed reasons. Haganai has received two anime adaptations, the second of which will finish up to volume 8, and will be dubbed by FUNimation.
  • The ESRB is loosening up its restrictions on advertising games rated M or AO. It is now possible to have a trailer approved for all audiences so you don’t have to have everyone verifying their age before seeing them. In addition, the rule requiring the rating appear on the screen on its own for four seconds in any demos has been removed, so long as it is clearly visible on the download page. Last, but not least, ESRB has ditched the rule disallowing its ratings from being displayed next to PEGI and other international ratings on websites relating to a game, since most publishers who had to pick between one or the other chose neither. Full details here.
  • XSEED has announced the official North American release month for the Wii game known as Pandora’s Tower. It will come out in April. Pandora’s Tower was one of the games from Operation Rainfall, and the only one to not hit North American shores, despite being available in Europe for quite a while now.
  • Sakurai, the creator of Smash Bros., has recently stated that he hates competitive Smash Bros. due to how it goes against what he wants the game to be. One major peeve of his being that people turn items off, and another being how excessively defensive people’s playstyles tend to be. He intends to design the upcoming game specifically to counteract these things.
  • After word got out about the Piston’s low specs and high price tag, Valve and Xi3 have been publicly disagreeing over who’s behind the system. Which is to be expected, given that you could get a laptop with superior specs and connect it to your TV for less.
  • JManga, a website that allowed people to purchase manga digitally, is closing its doors. Normally I’d have a lot to say, but I’ll save it for when I write up a post soon about the North American manga industry in general.

2 thoughts on “Rundown the Street (17/03/13)

  1. Yeah, One Piece! Maybe now I can finally get into the series! Well, not that I wasn’t before, but even with the episodes up on Funimation’s site, I only made it about four or five episodes in. And there are, what, five hundred episodes now? Six hundred? I’ve got my work cut out for me…

    Side note — I’ve seen that image of Coby and Helmeppo (I think that’s his name at least) before, but…is it just me, or is there a difference in the coloring between one version and the other? And the left image has buttons removed? Eh, whatever. There are bigger differences to be mindful of than those.

    Brrr. I just remembered 4Kids’ voice actors for Sanji and Usopp…

    As for Smash Bros., I’ve got high hopes. Sakurai might not like competitive play, but outright axing the ability to play competitively seems a bit excessive and unnecessary — so hopefully, he won’t go that far. Granted he probably won’t be wanting for sales either way, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what Smash would be like if it actually embraced a few competitive elements. Not a lot of them, but just enough to set the 4th game from the 3rd, or the 2nd, or even the 1st.

    Then again, I’d just be happy with tripping being taken out — if only to stop my bro from whining about it every time we play.

    • Have you considered reading the manga for One Piece instead? After a certain point, I just outright dropped the anime for Naruto and One Piece and read the manga exclusively, since it moves faster that way.

      But yeah, I’ve hear people say that One Piece is slow until you reach Arlong. Which sounds about right – Arlong’s arc is fairly close to what most of the later arcs are like. But, since you’re played Pirate Warriors and seen the first few episodes, consider that they skipped the Usopp arc and you can imagine how long it would take to get there…

      Which is why I want Toonami to skip at least a little. Maybe to when they enter the Grand Line, although that means they’d OPEN with Laboon.

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