Oh Look, I Got Another Review Copy of Something

Well well, what do we have here? I somehow got another press copy of something. This time, however, instead of just a single game, I got an indie bundle. Specifically, Bundle In A Box’s new Cerebral Bundle.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with indie bundles, I’ll explain what this is. Much like many other indie bundle platforms, Bundle In A Box lets you get several indie games for a limited time for whatever price you desire (though some impose a lower limit – such as this one, which has a minimum of $2). They incentivise paying higher amounts by offering certain content exclusively to people who pay more than whatever the average payment was at the time of the purchase (known as the beat the average or BTA bonus). Some bundles add things later, with some doing so on a whim and others openly telling you that things will become available after a certain minimum amount of bundles have been sold.

Bundles are a good, cost-effective way to get a large amount of indie games. Not to mention that most of them give all of the games from them to you as DRM-free downloads as well as a Desura and/or Steam key when possible.

So, what does this specific bundle offer? Well, the following will be available for the next two weeks here:


  • Vampires!
  • Dinner Date
  • Phantasmaburbia
  • Necrotic Drift Deluxe (Exclusive Debut)
  • Dédale De Luxe (Exclusive Debut)
  • J.U.L.I.A. (BTA Bonus)
  • I Get This Call Every Day (BTA Bonus)
  • Cognition, Ep.1: The Hangman (BTA Bonus)
  • Reversion: The Meeting (BTA Bonus)

The unlockable extras include soundtracks, wallpapers, one game’s source code and another game’s prequel comic. In addition, upon release, all purchasers will receive access to exclusive content in the upcoming game Droidscape: Basilica for iOS and Android.

Something to note about Bundle In A Box that makes it stand out is that they run the Indie Dev Grant. The proceeds from the bundle are partially split between charity and supporting indie developers, and purchasing a bundle allows you to vote for which developer to give the grant to (full details are on your purchase page after getting the bundle).

Over the next few days, I will provide first impressions on several of these games. Not all, however, as I accepted the review copies before seeing the bundle’s contents. Quite a few of these titles are completely outside of my areas of expertise, so I won’t cover those because it would be completely unfair to. I was going to do them under Under Your Radar, but that wouldn’t quite make sense when there are so many games and the bundle closes in two weeks.

So how will I cover them? Stay tuned!