#1 Quick Fix: I Get This Call Every Day

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IGTCED Box ArtOur second feature for this new column will be another game from the Cerebral Bundle. This time, we’ll be covering I Get This Call Every Day by David S. Gallant. In addition to being part of the bundle, it is available on Desura, IndieVania and the Humble Store. It is also trying to get into Steam through Steam Greenlight.

This post will be really short, as there’s not much to talk about in terms of this game.


I Get This Call Every Day is a game based on the creator’s actual experience working at a call centre. In fact, that was his day job until he ultimately got fired over the game. In the aforementioned game, you play as a call centre drone who gets a phone call from a somewhat incompetent person who wants to change the address he has on file. In order to successfully get through the call, you must not break confidentiality, you must remain professional, and you must make sure the call doesn’t get escalated to your boss. Failing to do any of these things will get you fired.


It’s only 15 minutes long, but it ultimately drives its point in rather well. Don’t be anything like the caller this game depicts, please, they deal with enough people like that already. There’s not much to comment on, however, as it is very short and simple to the point that I would normally expect this to be a free flash game (and it is a flash game, just not free), not something that’s actually put up for sale. Regardless, I would recommend picking this up if only to support the developer’s livelihood. The version on the Humble Store is pay what you want with a $2 minimum, or you could subject yourself to a higher minimum with the Cerebral Bundle and get more games out of it to not feel as if you’re being ripped off (since you can get a lot more out of $2 than something as short as this game nowadays).


Well, that’s two games in the bundle I don’t really like yet. Will the bundle go 0 for 3? I’m playing the next game as we speak, so we’ll see.


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