#1 Quick Fix: Vampires!

1QF LogoNow it’s time to wrap up my coverage of the Cerebral Bundle with one final game, Vampires! by CBE software. Before anyone complains about my not covering the other 5 games, just look at them and compare them to my old ranking list of game genres. The games I have not yet covered are a non-game, a horror game, a puzzle game and two point-and-click adventure games. In a sense, I’m already pushing myself enough to play genres I don’t like, thank you very much. I might cover J.U.L.I.A. (which is also from CBE software), but no promises. To be honest, I’d already gotten J.U.L.I.A. as part of another bundle, so I’m in no rush.

Vampires! Banner

In any event, Vampires! is a game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, made with Unity. Standard price is $5. In the game, you have to direct vampires into their crypts before time runs out, and without letting them walk into the light. You also have to help them avoid gunshots, which you can do by adding/removing webbing from certain tiles. The main element of the gameplay in directing the vampires, however, is rotating the tiles to make a path for the vampire to follow.


Simple things, right? Well, the game moves too fast for anything more complex, as by the time you get the hang of these mechanics, you’re made to herd multiple vampires around at once, which turns what used to be an easy game into one that is exponentially more difficult. If that’s not hard enough for you, each level has two ranks one can get based on speed and amount of times one needed to rotate tiles, among other things. Early on, you’re likely to get the gold rank by mistake, but as time progresses, you’re lucky to get silver without trying.


Planning is key here, as you quickly reach levels that you can’t win easily through improvisation and have to have tiles rotated far ahead of time if you won’t want to be panicking. While this game is most certainly a puzzle game, it felt a lot more involved to me than most other puzzle games, mainly due to the sheer speed of it. Thus actually made it fun, unlike most other puzzle games I’ve played. As someone who doesn’t normally go for puzzle games, you can’t get a better endorsement than that.


Vampires! is a game that really excels at showing that you can make a good and difficult game through elegance in simplicity, and I recommend picking it up if you’re into that sort of thing. Even if just for this game and Phantasmaburbia, I recommend picking the Cerebral Bundle up (if you pay the minimum just for these two games, that’s already a 90% discount, since Phantasmaburbia costs $15, this costs $5 and the bundle’s minimum price is $2).