Under Your Radar: Ebiten

Promise of Future Colours (Mirai-Iro no Yakusoku) by Hoshi no Shoujo-tai☆

The promise we made under the stars that day,
As we linked our fingers together,
Creates a shining tiara

After the bell, let’s hurry and meet at that place
I’ve gotten used to being myself
One day, I realized that I wasn’t alone
Staying beside me today, you’re invaluable to me

Right after telling you “goodbye” and “see you later”
A smile appears on my face

In order for the fun and excitement to continue forever,
We’ll continue to make the same pinky promises
My days will surely become colourful with a touch of love
On the other side of the promise lies a tomorrow filled with possibilities

Radar Logo 2Ebiten Volume 1 CoverAfter lots of delays caused by just general stuff happening, we finally see the Under Your Radar for Ebiten. Full Japanese title is Ebiten: Kōritsu Ebisugawa Kōkō Tenmon-bu, meaning Ebisugawa Public High School Astronomical Club. In this particular case, the “Astronomical Club” is merely a tanslation choice that’s different in ever translation and I went with that specific one because it was on the Wikipedia page and in the work’s bad grammar English title in its logo. It is basically the astronomy club, but one of the kanji was swapped out for an identically-pronounced one that means something stupid.

In any case, it’s a seinen manga series by SCA-ji (story) and Kira Inugami (art) that runs in Comp Ace. It recently received a ten-episode anime adaptation, which ran online on niconico in LQ before eventually being aired on TV. I’ll be reviewing the anime here.

Ebiten Cast Shot
I’m not gonna bother with the names for this one.

Ebiten‘s plot is one that makes no sense. If you read the blurb for the series, you’re told that a guy transferred into the eponymous school and joined the astronomy club. But the show itself acts as if he’s a girl for several episodes, having him change into girls’ clothing off-screen.

The series then goes into slice of life random shenanigans that parody other series and clichés. While occasionally funny, the jokes are mainly bland and uninteresting. Each episode, however, contains foreshadowing for the series’ absolutely retarded end plot, which involves said guy… Actually, it was pretty confusing.

Ebiten Evil Itsuki

From what I could gather, he’s an alien who can brainwash people to his whims, but he’s taking meds to lock this and his personality away. In addition, he’s actually engaged to the female lead. The end of the anime basically has him brainwash most of the student body, turning things into essentially a zombie apocalypse, and he almost succeeds at making the entire main cast into his loyal servants, but is brought back down to earth by deus ex machina – memories that were most certainly not foreshadowed, involving the female lead’s sister, his maid.

With this, the crisis is averted as they force his meds onto him in this brief moment of hesitation. With the crisis averted, the female lead drops his engagement to the male lead while subtly implying that he’ll end up marrying her sister anyway.

Ebiten Gag

Were the final episodes enjoyable? Well, no. There are several series that did most of the stuff Ebiten tried to do, but better. For the whole school club parodies everything idea, for example, this is blown out of the water by The Student Council’s Discretion. There is no shortage of better-written romances, either. It doesn’t help that all of the episodes felt dull and boring – watching through most of them ended up being a chore more than being entertainment.

Ebiten‘s TV airing was simulcasted by Crunchyroll. The anime was also picked up be Sentai Filmworks for a physical printing.


Do you like trainwrecks? I think trainwrecks are pretty horrific, with the potential explosions and people who may have died as a result of the trainwreck. While some may enjoy the trainwreck, there’s no denying that it is tragic.

And that’s ultimately what this show is. A tragically horrible mess. Don’t waste your time.


LLIPI can guarantee you that the next Under Your Radar won’t go up on Tuesday, because the show in question runs its final episode on Crunchyroll on Tuesday. Yes, both the teaser pic and the fact that I said that should give it away to the vast majority of my readers, that is delberate.

For those who are too dense, here’s the show’s trailer: