The End Comes Suddenly

When this post goes up, it will have been exactly one year since this blog started up, and it’s been a slow and steady ride, but it’s time to call it quits.

I wish I had something I could do to celebrate, but there really isn’t much of note that I could do, since I have exams coming up and thus had no time to plan anything for such an occasion.

Though I suppose there is one thing I could say. Despite my trying to inject the blog with new life through a bunch of new columns and the like, things have gotten boring, and the follower count has stagnated at below 100 in a year. Sounds like a good time to call it quits.

Radar Logo 2
Under Your Radar, which had a sizable head-start over all of my other columns, is currently the most popular by a large margin, and my review of The World God Only Knows from said column is the most popular post by far, with almost 2000 views to date.

When I started this blog up one year ago, I’d never thought it would last as long as it has. I expected to give up after a few months, but here I am, one year later with 184 posts if you include this one.

Thank you to my small following for giving my highly opinionated writings and ramblings in this blog a glance during its one year of life. Thank you, and farewell.

3D Textureless Model Bowing

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. It seriously is the blog’s anniversary, though. Yes, I am aware that I’ve done this joke before.


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