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Y’know, I’ve been thinking, perhaps Turtles all the Way should no longer be called Turtles all the Way.

Why, you ask? Well, a variety of reasons.

First off, people keep mistaking it for a homage to TMNT, even though the game has no relation to TMNT whatsoever. It seems that one cannot have a title that compliments turtles in such casual language without people drawing the non-existent link to it. This would therefore lock out anyone who refuses to look at anything TMNT, which sucks for me.

Secondly, it seems the title’s meaning just plain flies over people’s heads unless I decide to have a character explain it with the subtlety of a nuke to the face, which makes the hidden meanings pointless.

Which leads into the third problem: As Icy told me when I complained about this in our team’s private chat, first impressions of the title would be similar to naming Darksiders “Four Horsemen: WAR!”.

Well then, looks like the problem needs to be fixed. Better late than never, right?

*sigh* Time to go hunting for a new name. Feel free to make suggestions, if you want, but I’d prefer if it lined up with the information I’ve already revealed about the game, since I like to avoid meaningless titles where possible.

On a positive note, I’ve finally completely eliminated the fall-through-floors glitch in the game build… sorta.


2 thoughts on “Shift all the Way

  1. A new name, huh…well, that’s gonna be a tough one. I can’t provide a good name, but in the worst-case scenario you could just default to naming it after a main character. (It worked for Bayonetta, at least.) Barring that, I’d say a pithy quote that only makes sense in context (Devil May Cry, The World Ends with You)…but then again, I’d assume you’ve already got that in mind.

    Barring either of those, you can just name an obscure machine part. If I remember right, you’ve got turtles with wings and wheels; looking into airplane parts might give you something to use.

    Or just default to “Pile Driver”…if only to reference the wrestling move. Or the actual machine. Or just the wrestling move.

    In any case, hope you can find something that works for you. Just give it some thought, and you’re bound to find an answer..

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