Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 21, 2013)


Japanese Issue 21

WSJ Cover 21 2013

Kochikame (Cover, Lead Colour, ~1800 Chapters)
1. Kuroko’s Basketball
2. Assassination Classroom
3. One Piece
Dark Pawn (Center Colour, One-Shot, writer of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)
4. The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki
Brand New School Day (Center Colour, One-Shot, writer of M×0 and Harisugawa in Mirror World)
5. Toriko
6. Shokugeki no Sōma
Bleach (Center Colour)
7. High Kyū!!
8. Nisekoi: False Love
9. World Trigger
10. Koisuru Edison
11. SKET Dance
12. Beelzebub
13. Gin Tama
14. Medaka Box
15. Cross Manage
16. Hungry Joker
17. Rookie Policewoman Kiruko-san
Naruto (Absent)

A producer from Fuji TV has recently tweeted saying that a popular volleyball manga is getting an anime adaptation, and is sad that they weren’t chosen for it. That’s probably High Kyū!! – what other popular volleyball manga are there right now?

Another “leak” has popped up about the series starting an ending, claiming Medaka BoxKiruko-san and Cross Manage are ending, and that After School☆IdolKurokurokuRakuen Jōrei are starting. After School☆Idol won Golden Future Cup 2012, Rakuen Jōrei means “Paradise Rules”. All three have run as one-shots in the past.

Shokugeki no Sōma volume 1 has run into shortages and will be reprinted.

There’s a new iPhone app in Japan that lets you take pictures with characters from throughout the magazine’s history doing things, such as attacking you.

Japanese Double Issue 22/23

Lead Colour: One Piece
Center Colour: Medaka Box (Final Chapter), Moon Walker LTD.II (One-Shot, writer of Prince of Tennis), Tetokuchi (Bangaihen)
Bangaihen: Mario (writer of Naruto)

The cover will have all of the protagonists of the series currently running, fighting their rivals.

The issue will have a “special curry collaboration” between Toriko, Shokugeki no Sōma and Gekikara!! Curry Prince.

Tetokuchi normally runs in Jump SQ. Mario is a one-shot that will run in Jump SQ, and a side-story will run in this weekly magazine.

English Issue 20

English Jump Cover 20 2013

Toriko (Cover, Lead Colour)
One Piece
One-Punch Man
Dragon Ball (Full Colour)
World Trigger
Cross Manage
Nisekoi: False Love

Author comments for this issue:

English Jump Comments 20 2013