Rundown the Street (05/05/13)

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Nothing Notable Happened This Week

Girls und Panzer Standing Miho

So here’s a bunch of miscellaneous stories.

  • A movie sequel, as well as a fandisc and a new spin-off manga were announced for Girls und Panzer. There will also be an OVA showing the fight that was skipped in the anime.
  • Platinum Games is now on record saying that The Wonderful 101 will make you glad to own a Wii U.
  • Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) is getting a live-action movie for some strange reason.
  • A class-action lawsuit has been filed against SEGA and Gearbox over the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines nonsense earlier this year.
  • The owners of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat are suing Warner Bros. for using their trademarks in Scribblenauts while refusing to pay licensing fees.
  • Anime licensor Discotek has rescued the anime for Monster Rancher, both sub and dub.
  • A Kickstarter project has been started for Rawbots. It’s not doing too well, though, since the developer already gave the game out for free during the whole Sim City situation.
  • Hackers have broken into the demo for The Last of Us and found the full list of cutscenes in the game, which supposedly had very descriptive, spoiler-filled titles that gave away the entire plot. Avoid The Last of Us information until its release if you do not wish to be spoiled.
  • The Kickstarter for The Tale of ALLTYNEX has added PayPal payment options.
  • The third season of the anime adaptation of The World God Only Knows has been confirmed for summer.
  • The final volume of the light novel series The Pet Girl of Sakurasou will be released in July. The series was adapted into anime format recently.
  • Viz has become the master licensee for Accel World, gaining full TV and merchandising rights, among others, on top of the rights they have. It should be noted that this doesn’t mean they have the novels or the manga.
  • Valve has announced that Steam Greenlight will be approving titles more often, but in smaller batches.
  • Level-5 has registered some strange trademarks, such as Earth-Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend. Weird stuff like that imply a new Guild series entry. Guild03 may be incoming.