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Second Season of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Confirmed

Chuunibyou Season 2 Announcement ArtKyoto Animation recently confirmed that a second season of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, known in Japan as Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai! (Despite the Adolescent Delusions, I Want Love!), has been green-lit. This comes after the incredibly cryptic “contract renewed” was written on a piece of artwork for the series that was put up at the end of the last episode of Tamako Market. The first season is currently in the middle of a rerun.

I was going to cover it on Under Your Radar, but I wanted to finish the novels first. Looks like I’ll now be making it wait even longer for the second season.

Some Other Stuff

Fairy Fencer F

  • The Neptunia team, as well as Amano, the artist who worked on early Final Fantasy games, and the Earthbound Papas, which is helmed by the musician for the first several Final Fantasy games, are working together on the first game for Compile Heart’s Japan-only label. The game will be titled Fairy Fencer F. Don’t expect the game soon, however, as the Neptunia team likely already have their hands full with Hyper Goddess Faith Noire and Neptunia Re;Birth1 for Vita.
  • The date for Nintendo’s E3 software showcase has been set. It will be on June 11th. Some notable websites are claiming that a new 3D Mario game will be released for Wii U in October.
  • Ubisoft has stated that a security firm was brought on to scrutinize the hacking in Watch Dogs.
  • EA is apparently no longer giving money to gun brands to put branded guns in their games, but will still be putting them into their games.
  • Namco Bandai has renewed their trademarks for “Digimon World” and “Digital Monsters” for use in games in North America. This is likely for either an English release of the latest 3DS Digimon World game, or a PSN re-release of some of the older ones.
  • A Plants VS Zombies sequel has been announced.
  • The very first Sonic game will finally be appearing on the 3DS eShop in Japan, but as a 3D Classic. The game is unavailable in the North American eShop as well.
  • EA has obtained the exclusive license to Star Wars games from Disney, with a few exceptions. Disney retains the rights to casual platforms such as iOS, likely to prevent EA from just cashing in that way.
  • In further EA news, they have announced that they will not be porting their Frostbite 3 engine, used for most of their games, to the Wii U after performance issues with Frostbite 2 that likely arose from a lack of optimization, since Frostbite 3 will used on some games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As a result, if it was not obvious, do not expect any more EA titles on the Wii U.
  • Sentai Filmworks has put out a recall for their Blu-Ray release of Kids on the Slope due to one episode’s audio being in mono instead of stereo. The DVD version of the release did not have this issue.
  • A game by the name of The Mysterious Murasame Castle has received a rating in Australia. This likely refers to the Famicom game of the same name, or maybe a remake that’s been kept under wraps. Said game made an appearance in Nintendo Land as the theme of one of the attractions.
  • PSN has added a section specifically for indie games.
  • XSEED has acquired Atlus Online, and has merged with it to become Marvelous USA. Their games, however, will still keep the XSEED branding. After this move, they were approached by Siliconera, asking if the recent revelation that the 3DS game Senran Kagura: Burst received an English logo for its Korean release means an English version is coming. The response was that they’ve been considering it for a long time, since they know the demand exists, but are worried about controversy over its… visual content.
  • The license fee to develop for PlayStation Mobile has been waived after nobody bothered to use it.
  • eSports group ESEA have found themselves in hot water over the recent revelation that their latest anti-cheat software contained code that secretly allowed them to mine a large amount of bitcoins using people’s computers, a process that can physically damage them.
  • The ongoing anime HENNEKO – The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat. has run into controversy in Japan over a paid advertisement for a real life Korean band that was visible in a bullet train scene. The scene will be removed for the disc releases. Similar controversy caused The Pet Girl of Sakurasou to sell rather poorly, although in that case an entire scene was changed to center around a Korean dish.
  • The final few episodes of Oreimo‘s second season will be available for streaming when they’re released in Japan. Like the first season, the anime will take more than 12 episodes, but the first season did not have those extra episodes available for streaming, keeping them exclusive to the disc releases.
  • Adobe has discontinued their standalone applications, now keeping all new software as subscription-based.
  • Nyu Media has announced their release date and pricing for their release of The Tale of ALLTYNEX. It will be relased on June 6th, and will cost $8 per game, or $20 for the whole trilogy. Each game’s soundtrack will cost an additional $8, with no bundle option in that case. They have also put out a demo for one of the games, Kamui, in English.
  • A lot of information was revealed about the latest Pokémon games. Included are a small amount of customization (skin tone and hair colour) for your trainer, as well as four new Pokémon, the name and map for the new region, the new Pokédex, and the ability to ride a Pokémon on land. Full information can be found here.