Rundown the Street (16/06/13)

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Let’s Sum Up E3

I’m fairly sure you all know the facts already, so I’m not gonna waste my time going over the big new announcements, just the smaller ones.

This is how the exclusives end up panning out:

E3 PC PS4 XBO Breakdown

The PS4 has a numerically smaller amount of exclusives than the XBO, but I honestly don’t care about any of the exclusives. The PS4’s lack of DRM, $100 lower price tag, and high likelihood of actually receiving a following in Japan is more than enough for me to go with the PS4. Plus, Microsoft themselves has shown how much confidence they have in their system when they decided up use PCs that are 3 times more powerful than their system to show games at E3 and Sony used devkits. In fact, it seems I’m not the only one thinking this, as Sony thinks they’ll have a hard time meeting the demand for the PS4 and it is outselling the XBO across the board.

BlazBlue Screenshot

Really though, all companies have made so many game announcements that I gave up on even listing them out unless they’re attached to a larger story. For example, Nintendo will start making free-to-play games in this fiscal year, and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will not be released on 360 nor have DLC characters. Ace Attorney Investigations 2‘s localization was supposedly scrapped solely due to scheduling issues in Capcom USA, which is stupid. Nintendo intends to make new StreetPass hotspots outside Japan to let more people get tags, and claims Animal Crossing: New Leaf broke records on their eShop and quadrupled weekly sales of the 3DS. In addition, over 1000 parties have contacted Nintendo to develop for their web framework.

Atelier Totori Plus Screenshot 1

Tecmo Koei’s recent acquisition of GUST has lead to consideration of an “Atelier Warriors”, if you get the joke. Game localizer Aksys has announced that they’re making their first original title, currently titled Magus. The similarities between Sonic Lost World and Sonic X-treme are purely coincidental. Unity and Ubisoft both claim the Wii U will find its audience. The Oculus Rift will be receiving an HD revision. Finally, the ESA tried to hide the Ouya conference across the street from E3 with a truck.

Some Other Stuff

Love Live Pushy Honoka

  • Love Live! will be receiving a second season next spring. A Vita game will also be released.
  • iOS 7 will, finally, support third-party controllers for games.
  • Valve has recently pad out $10M in total across 400 parties who made mods for Team Fortress 2.
  • Aniplex has licensed the Blue Exorcist movie, as well as the Nekomonogatari (Black) and Monogatari second season anime.
  • Index Holdings is being investigated by the Japanese government for round-tripping. Index Holdings owns, among other things, game localizer Aksys.
  • Gearbox is suing 3D Realms over Duke Nukem Forever because… From what I gather, it’s because it was a bad deal for Gearbox.
  • A new website for digital manga has launched. It is named “Manga Reborn” and can apparently work with scanlators.
  • FUNimation is making their first foray into sub-only releases with an import release of Ghost in the Shell: Arise. It will receive their usual dub treatment at a later date.

2 thoughts on “Rundown the Street (16/06/13)

  1. “Plus, Microsoft themselves has shown how much confidence they have in their system when they decided up use PCs that are 3 times more powerful than their system to show games at E3”

    Oh man, please tell me they painted their PCs red for that. Everyone knows that painting something red makes it go three times —

    Wait, what? Am I — am I reading that right? They showed off their XB1 games on PCs? New technology, and they couldn’t even…? *massages temples* Oy…it just gets worse and worse…this is turning into some kind of black comedy.

    Oh well. At least Chrono Phantasma is on the way. It’s weird that it’s not coming on 360 — the console of choice for fighting games with me and my brother, since that’s the console he’s got an arcade stick for. So it’s hard to say if he’ll make the PS3 jump or not. (I play on a regular pad, so I should be okay…assuming the PS3 controller’s adequate for fighters.) I suspect that this is an entry my bro will end up skipping, though; with a new Guilty Gear on the way, he’s utterly convinced that BlazBlue is — or will be — dead soon.

    Well, whatever. There’s always YouTube. I should pop over there soon so I can see some Black Hawk Stingers. Such a manly move…

    • BlazBlue’s getting an anime. It’s nowhere near dead. Also, it’s usually a PS3 exclusive and is only ported to 360 for Western release, just to let you know. 😛

      To be fair to Microsoft, it’s not uncommon to use PCs for E3 demos. But overspecing them? Not to mention they were running Windows 7 when the One is based on 8…

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