Rundown the Street (30/06/13)

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As with last week, there is nothing worth expanding on, so bring on the bullet points!

This Week’s News

Neptunia Rebirth

  • Screenshots and information regarding Hyperdimension Neptuna Re; Birth1 have surfaced as scheduled. The game’s design and visuals have been completely changed to match those of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, but Neptune will still be wearing her original outfit. The story also got a once-over, giving the other goddesses far more of a role. Luckily, they did not make it a straight port as initially planned.
  • SKET Dance, Deadman Wonderland and My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) have ended or are ending their manga runs. My Little Monster will be receiving a spin-off soon.
  • Some developers at Square Enix are on record stating that the original data for the first Kingdom Hearts game was lost, so they had to remake everything from scratch for 1.5 HD.
  • There has been recent confirmation Google is working on developing their own game console. This comes after a large amount of companies have used Android to attempt to release consoles of their own, including the highly-notable buzz that surrounded the Ouya.
  • Index Corporation, the owners of Atlus (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona) have filed for the Japanese equivalent of bankruptcy and are seeking partners to help them handle Atlus, which is one of their few profitable divisions. Atlus USA is doing fine despite this, but the Japanese main office will likely be sold off to another company.
  • New games are being announced all over the place.
    • GUST (Atelier, Mana Khemia, Ar tonelico, Ciel Nosurge) have announced a new RPG for Vita by the name of Chronos Materia. Given the track record their relatively-new owners at Tecmo-Koei have at localizing their titles, this will likely receive a quiet digital-only localization with minimal or no marketing.
    • Zeboyd Games (Cthulhu Saves the World, Precipice of Darkness) have announced a new game by the name of Cosmic Star Heroine, which will apparently be more advanced than their previous titles.
    • A new Yatagarasu game has been put up on IndieGoGo, and will receive an English localization by Nyu Media when they reach their goal.
    • Finally, an RPG on Kickstarter by the name of Soul Saga has been receiving a lot of buzz, as it has reached a stretch goal that will allow for ports to the PS4, Wii U and Vita.
  • Speaking of Kickstarter, they will be allowing projects to be started from Canada later this year.
  • Microsoft has dropped their Xbox Live Arcade re-certification fee for patches. This was the source of many complaints from indie developers who could not fix glitches in their games. Unity has also announced support for the Xbox One, thereby meaning that Unity can export to every platform of note from the eighth generation except for the 3DS.
  • Saints Row 4 has been refused classification in Australia. This is despite the existence of a newly-instated 18+ rating. As such, Australia will be receiving a censored release, but (in an unusual move) the New Zealand release will be uncensored, so most Australian gamers who want the game are just importing.
  • Sword Art Online‘s Toonami premiere date has been set to July 28th. It will replace Thundercats, which they’re losing the rights to. Season 2 of The Big O will also premiere that day, replacing Sym-Biotic Titan.