The Feedback That Was Sought

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This placeholder logo is just a joke. Pay it no mind.

It sure has been a long time since I’ve posted a build of The Turtle Who Had Wings to ask for opinions, but I’ll be doing that again now. This is revision 0.020, a pre-alpha build like before, but the game has changed a lot since then.

As before, the game is without proper artwork, so the visuals are all basic shapes and nothing else. Keep this in mind.

But wait, what can I be asking about without proper visuals, you may ask? Well, the game is still understandable without proper visuals, what I want is opinions on the gameplay. The build contains four test levels, one accessible from the main menu and three that can be found under Story Mode/Magnet’s Story (they’re the first three on the list). I want opinions on how the game controls and whether or not things need to be fixed.

The controls are in a text file bundled with the build. Most of it should be fully understandable to an average gamer aside from one mechanic, without further explanation.

…Normally I would break out into a long explanation, but it’s not really necessary here.


The build can be downloaded from here. Please comment on this post with your thoughts. If you wish to state your opinion more privately, use this form.

If the download link has been taken down, it is an indicator that I am no longer accepting feedback. EDIT: The download has been taken down. I’ve gotten enough feedback.

Known Bugs

  • There was a crash on load bug on every previous Mac build of anything I’ve ever exported with Unity. I have no way of testing it myself, so it very well might still be there. EDIT: It has been confirmed that the Mac build does not run.
  • The Minirobgui enemy, present in all test levels that have enemies, can run into glitches involving it getting stuck in a wall or otherwise being unreachable. I’m still working on solving this, but the only solution I can really give at the moment is to quit to the main menu if this makes a level unwinnable (possible since all of the levels with enemies require that you beat them all to progress).
  • If a character moves too quickly, the camera will stutter. I am also working on that. I have stripped this build of anything that I think may cause the issue, including power-ups that raise speed.
  • The Moneys count does not get saved after a level is completed. This makes it impossible to upgrade characters.