Rundown the Street (04/08/13)

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Just like last time, the news was slow, so I consolidated two weeks into one post again.

In the News

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  • The collaboration teased by Game Freak is… a solitaire horse-racing game. Oh well.
  • Lots of Nintendo news this time.
    • The new Smash Bros. games are slated to lack cut-scenes because of YouTube.
    • The Wii U’s shipments last quarter, worldwide, only totaled a pitiful 160,000 copies. Sales are so low that European sales are lumped in with “Other”.
    • A key manufacturer for the Wii U’s critical eDRAM chip is closing its doors. Luckily, Nintendo already implemented a plan B.
    • The Wii U release of Batman: Arkham Origins will lack multiplayer, which will be present on every other platform.
    • The recent StreetPass DLC games on the 3DS have already given Nintendo $4M in profits with minimal advertising.
    • Japanese indie devs are finally taking a stand against consoles allowing every indie except for Japanese ones a route onto their consoles. For now, they’re going after Nintendo for this.
    • A new Pokémon event was recently announced. The event will give out the Creation Trio as shinies.
  • Now for some Australian news.
    • Australia has denied classification to Saints Row IV a second time.
    • The Australian government has decided that there’s no good reason for their high prices. As such, they are considering banning anything that’s region-locked. This would directly affect Nintendo, but not their competitors.
  • Some XSEED news…
    • Rune Factory 4 has seen yet another delay. Now its release is slated for late September or early October.
    • XSEED is considering more PC ports. Also, in an interview with Siliconera, it was revealed that they have several Vita, PS3 and 3DS games, as well as one PS4 game, slated for 2014.
  • And, finally, some stuff about the Xbox One:
    • The Xbox One, as well as the 360, will be gaining the ability to self-publish, which is a good step forward by Microsoft.
    • Additionally, Microsoft has revealed that they have a system in place to segregate especially bad players on Xbox Live from the rest of the community on their new console.
  • Capcom has announced some DLC for the new Ace Attorney game. Most of it will be reaching Western audiences, as well.
  • The Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday has quietly lowered their price to 200 yen. This has significantly raised circulation, to the point that they break even on the price drop, but sell more magazines.
  • In the most obvious collaboration ever, World of Tanks will be collaborating with Girls und Panzer for their Japanese launch.
  • Activision-Blizzard has bought themselves from Vivendi, in a multi-billion-dollar deal.
  • The new Saki spin-off has started recently. It is titled  Side story of -Saki- Shinohayu: The dawn of age. It focuses on the pros, back when they were competing in the national tournament as high schoolers.
  • The company behind the Ouya has revealed that only 27% of Ouya owners have bought games.
  • Guacamelee, a well-known PSN indie title, will be ported to PC soon.
  • After years of controversy, Phil Fish, the developer of Fez, has left the game industry and cancelled Fez 2.