Rundown the Street (September 2013)

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This is the first Rundown the Street that follows a new schedule of “once per month”. Sadly, however, I didn’t have time this month to format the post how I want it to be, so let’s just sum things up like the previous ones:

In the News

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  • Information about the PS4 and Xbox One kept coming out at the beginning of the month, with the two attempting to one-up each other. Sony announced a virtual reality headset for the PS4, and Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One can use 8 controllers. Also, the Xbox One supports HTML5.
  • Carpe Fulgur will be handling the localization work for XSEED’s English release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. This is after the first part of Trails in the Sky nearly drove the translator crazy over its length. Carpe Fulgur’s previous titles include Recettear, Chantelise and Fortune Summoners.
  • Namco Bandai has trademarked what we can presume is the official title of the next Tales game (as it’s been trademarked worldwide instead of just in Japan). The game will be titled Tales of Zestiria.
  • In further localization announcements, One Piece: Romance Dawn (3DS) and Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (PS3) were confirmed for English release. Additionally, there is a chance of Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP) finally coming over.
  • Valve has announced several new things, such as family sharing, their own Linux-based operating system, TV-based computers built specifically for this OS, and a very controversial controller that uses trackpads and haptic feedback.
  • Several games have been announced, such as a free-to-play Soulcalibur, an HD version of Wii Sports with online play that can be bought or rented in parts, Ar Nosurge (the next game in GUST’s Surge Concerto), a Dengeki Bunko crossover fighter than includes Shakugan no Shana and Sword Art Online characters, a Vita port of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, as well as a new Neptunia game, a Kirby 3DS game, and a follow-up to Gravity Rush. Donkey King Country: Tropical Freeze has been delayed to next year.
  • Pokémon X and Y won’t use the 3DS’ 3D effect in the overworld. Also, the street date was broken by several retailers in Canada, Italy and Australia, causing Nintendo to go after the stores.
  • A Bayonetta anime, titled Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, has been announced. Also, a Sonic will be getting a CG cartoon series named Sonic Boom.
  • Atlus’ parent company, Index Corporation, has been bought by Sega’s parent company, Sammy Holdings. Sammy Holdings will be making a subsidiary of Sega, named Sega Dream, to handle the assets of Index Corporation, which includes Atlus. So Atlus is now a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary. It remains to be seen if Atlus USA will be merged into Sega USA.
  • Sony has announced a Vita redesign, which has sparked debates over which is better between it and the original, as it changes the OLED screen to an LED. Sony has also announced a TV set-top box version of the Vita, as well as a 64GB memory card.
  • In character announcements for existing games, Totori, Meruru, Esty and Astrid will be playable in New Atelier Rorona. Additionally, Kokonoe will be playable in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Sonic and Toon Link have been announced for the new Smash Bros. games.
  • Aniplex USA has announced barebones DVD releases of Oreshura and Vividred Operation on DVD. These will be standard price.
  • An update to the Wii U has been released, allowing the gamepad to be used as the screen and sensor bar for Wii games.
  • Idea Factory, parent company of Compile Heart (Neptunia, Agarest) has announced a Western subsidiary, Idea Factory International.

One thought on “Rundown the Street (September 2013)

  1. Tales of Zestiria, huh? I can hardly wait; I can already feel the zest.

    …Too on-the-nose?

    It’s crazy, though; eight Xbox One controllers going off at once seems like the kind of thing from a dream. Then again, I guess it’s just a signal that the tech is evolving. Plus I guess Microsoft wants the Xbone to be the life of the party. If the PS4 doesn’t have some sort of dip-dispensing mechanism, then the console war’s as good as over.

    And now I’m off to Youtube to go listen to Sonic Boom. Because I love that song with all my heart.

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