Story of the Idiot

20 Years

Well, I guess I’m twenty now.

…Honestly, life has been so busy lately that  didn’t have much time to reflect. So, instead, I will tell you all a little story.

I believe that everyone in the world, including myself, is an idiot. To different degrees, to be sure, but I still think EVERYONE is an idiot. There is no such thing as a genius.

But why do I believe this? Well, I’m the sort of person who dwells on things long after they’ve passed. I still look back to times back in high school where I did stupid things. I don’t think back to middle school solely because I don’t remember them. When I look back at those times, and I do so on a regular basis, I call myself an idiot because, well, I was. And still am.

People I meet keep saying that I give off the vibe of someone smart. Whether I meet them via text-based communication or in-person, I get the same result from a lot of people. Honestly, while I was placed in the enhanced program from grades 4 to 12, I was at the bottom of the class (and no, being younger than everyone else there doesn’t redeem that at all). I don’t see myself as smart. As I said earlier, I see myself as an idiot. A really stupid idiot.

So if I come off as smart while being such an idiot, what does that make everyone else?

That is the story of how I, the Eternal Fool, came to call myself that.

I would like to thank anyone reading this for, well, reading this. An idiot’s blog deserves no views, so even the small amount I do get are very much appreciated.

Well, I suppose I may as well throw in a few updates about everything, since I don’t feel like making a separate post:

  • Icy has stepped down as the artist for The Turtle Who Had Wings after spending 7 months in a mix between being unable and unwilling to do anything. The search for an artist rages on! I’ve actually mulled over doing a Kickstarter to raise the funds to hire one, but that’s nearly impossible without one, and perhaps even with one.
  • The reason why my blog posts have slowed down lately has been a mix of laziness and busyness. On top of that, when I finally feel motivated, a game comes out. The entire month of October is already reserved for Rune Factory 4 for 12 days, followed by Pokémon X for 12 days, then Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies until I complete it, then back to Pokémon… That is, of course, not mentioning games like Malicious Rebirth and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD that have release dates in between. Basically, don’t expect updates anytime soon.
  • Wrath of the Ruler not being updated is by design – it will only be updated when I have time, and being more busy means I never have the time.
  • I’ve also temporarily re-shelved my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck due to lack of time.

And that’s about it. See you all whenever my next post comes along.


One thought on “Story of the Idiot

  1. Ahem. I think this is for you.

    No context needed, just the way I like it. Well, sometimes. But in any case…

    “When I look back at those times, and I do so on a regular basis, I call myself an idiot because, well, I was. And still am.”

    Well, I guess that’s the thing, isn’t it? A lot of people — myself included, sometimes several times a day — outright call themselves idiots no matter how smart they are. But when you think about it, maybe that’s a sign of intelligence in its own right. Those that truly think they’re intelligent may very well be the same ones who are most likely the dumbest. They’ve got some intelligence, sure, but not the disposition to gain more knowledge. To know that they’ve got a ways to go. Humility is a virtue — and it may just be the first step toward something greater.

    Well, that’s just the rambling of a fellow idiot. Whatever the case, here’s to you, burnpsy. And may your coming Poke-ventures be full of critical hits and Shiny bounties.

    Just don’t get addicted like I did that one time with Black. That was when I learned I can never play another Pokemon game again.

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