Rundown the Street (October 2013)

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Late, but whatever. Let’s go!

Dark Matter Ending

  • Square Enix has decided to port eight different Dragon Quest titles to mobile platforms. These games will not be played in landscape format, as one would expect.
    • While we’re on the subject of Square Enix, they’ve decided to create a committee dedicated to ensuring the quality of future Final Fantasy titles. However, those responsible for some of the most universally panned installments are on the committee, defeating the purpose.
    • Square Enix has announced their own crowd-funding service, as well.
  • In new manga license announcements, Kodansha USA has licensed Ken Akamatsu’s latest series, UQ Holder!, and a relatively-new series named The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai).
    • Viz has also licensed Ore Monogatari!! under the almost-directly-translated title My Love Story!!. Additionally, they have licensed Jump’s latest cooking manga, Shokugeki no Sōma, as Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sōma.
    • Yen Press has also picked up the manga adaptation of High School D×D.
    • Crunchyroll has also opened a manga division, which will run manga simultaneously with Japan. Free users can read the newest chapters of all series, while subscribers can read all chapters.
  • In game license announcements, NIS America surprised many by announcing that they have picked up the idol sim game Hyperdimension Neptunia PP (tentative title). This makes this game the first idol sim to actually be localized. Additionally, they have picked up Mugen Souls Z, despite the first game selling poorly all over the world.
    • The localization team for the Tales series has stated on-record that they’re under-staffed and cannot localize every single Tales title, which is why they haven’t touched Hearts R or Innocence R.
    • Tecmo-Koei has announced that Atelier Escha & Logy: Alechemists of the Dusk Sky will be released in 2014, and will have dual audio, unlike Ayesha. They have also announced that all localized releases of GUST games in the future will have dual audio.
    • Namco Bandai has picked up the domain name Legends Vs.. This is likely for a localized release of J-Stars Victory Vs., a Jump crossover game.
    • Nyu Media has announced their latest slate of game releases
  • In an unusual move, the upcoming anime Space Dandy will be dubbed and aired worldwide simultaneously.
    • On the subject of anime, the third Madoka Magica movie will be running in North American theatres in December.
    • A 14-year-old has recently started a carreer as a mangaka. I have no idea how someone that young will take to one of the most demanding jobs out there, but OK.
  • In a talk with investors, Nintendo has stated that their end-of-year Wii U releases are meant to broaden the system’s appeal. Next year’s releases will primarily be to appeal to “highly-skilled” gamers.
    • They also went on record stating the obvious: The 2DS does not represent a move away from 3D.
    • Due to sexting taking place on the service, Nintendo has been forced to suspend the online features of Swapnote and similar services on their 3DS platform.
    • Nintendo has announced a new Pikachu game, which is being developed internally for once. It features Pikachu as a hardened detective. He actually talks this time around, and says things you’d never expect a Pikachu to say.
  • In Valve news, Steam has surpassed 65 million active users.
    • The developers of Day One: Garry’s Incident, attempted to use DMCA to censor a negative review on YouTube. This bit them back rather hard.
    • A game known as Dark Matter was released on Steam and GOG incomplete, with nothing stating that this was the case. Not only did the game end without using everything explained in the tutorial, but it ends at a random door with a wall of text (picutred above). It has thus been pulled, and the publisher is getting an external team to finish it up.
    • Valve has announced their own developer’s conference for some reason. They have also stated that they will not be allowing for SteamOS exclusives.
  • In new game announcements, a new Sword Art Online game for Vita has been announced. Additionally, a new Harvest Moon game is coming to 3DS. Additonally, as expected, there will be a Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for PS3.
  • Finally, Nyu Media has announced their newest slate of games. Refer to the image below for details.

Nyu Media Wave 3


One thought on “Rundown the Street (October 2013)

  1. Legends Vs., huh? I’m hoping that it actually IS J-Stars brought over to the states (and as a corollary, the game itself is actually…you know, good). The recent reveal that Tsuna’s a playable character got me hyped — that was the ONE character I hoped would get some time to shine, and lo and behold, the holy day has arrived.

    In any case, that whole Square-Enix quality assurance committee (or whatever they’re calling it) is something that makes me both hopeful for the future and laugh hysterically. On one hand, at least they’ve acknowledged that something might not be right with the FF brand, and now they’re ready to do something about it. On the other hand…well, you pretty much said it yourself. At this stage I wouldn’t trust Motomu Toriyama to write a grocery list, much less a multi-hour adventure.

    I suppose there’s always the chance that Lightning Returns could actually be good. But I’m SERIOUSLY concerned about it — with good reason, I’d bet.

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