Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 14, 2013)


Japanese Issue 14

WSJ Cover 14 2014

Tokyo Wonder Boys (Cover, Lead Colour, New Series)
1. One Piece
2. Naruto
Stealth Symphony (Center Colour, Chapter 2)
3. Assassination Classroom
4. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sōma
High Kyū!! (Center Colour)
I Shoujo (Chapter 3)
5. World Trigger
Nisekoi: False Love (Center Colour)
6. The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki
Illegal Rare (Chapter 4)
7. Isobe Isobee Monogatari
8. Kuroko’s Basketball
9. Toriko
10. Soul Catcher(s)
11. Gin Tama
12. Bleach
13. Kochikame
14. Iron Knight

Sources state Iron Knight may be ending next week.

Japanese Issue 15

Cover, Lead Colour: World Trigger (First Anniversary)
Center Colour: Nisekoi: False Love, Assassination Classroom, Tokyo Wonder Boys

English Issue 13

English Jump Cover 13 2014

Stealth Symphony (Cover, Lead Colour, New Series)
One Piece
One-Punch Man
All You Need Is Kill
Nisekoi: False Love

There are apparently huge changes in discussion at Viz. Some of them may involve Jump’s price point and series count.

This week’s comments:

English Jump Comments 13 2014