Rundown the Street (January-February 2014)

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Finally, I get to write a Rundown without doing bullet points for everything. I’ll still use them, of course, but only for news I have nothing to say about. Not quite. I was going to do that for January, but after a few delays, we were half-way through February, a month where I was unable to do such a thing, so only the first two stories got a discussion and the rest are bullet points.

NISA Announces New Anime Licenses

The World Nyarko Only Knows

NIS America has announced that they’ve picked up two new anime series for a disc release. They are Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! and Chronicles of the Going Home Club. Both of these series have previously streamed on Crunchyroll, but I actually reviewed Nyaruko before – it streamed as Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos. This places Nyaruko in an odd-one-out position of being the first anime/manga in years whose name has not remained consistent between all releases in all formats.

In any event, Nyaruko is currently available for pre-order at NISA’s online store. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed both shows, though I haven’t gotten around to reviewing Chronicles of the Going Home Club or the second season of Nyaruko.

Monster Monpiece Announced for Localization

Monster Monpiece Begin Rubbing

In rather shocking news, Idea Factory International has announced their first localization for Western audiences. While many expected Fairy Fencer F, they instead chose the Vita CCG Monster Monpiece for a digital-only Spring 2014 release. Monster Monpiece features rubbing minigames and monster girls who, over time, end up having less and less clothing. Somehow, it managed a PEGI 12 rating and a rating of M from the ESRB.

As expected, IFi will be censoring the release, but not in an egregious fashion. Simply put, they’re removing most of the more questionable images of almost-naked little girls, the higher-level cards, and making them use the art from the lower-level counterparts that have more clothes on. Of course, this has caused a Mugen Souls-level uproar. Seems a lot of people want IFi to run head-first into child porn laws, ’cause I’ve seen the images that are being removed and they’re the sort that would get you arrested extremely fast.

I will personally be buying it on release because people are just being unreasonable about the removed artwork. The sales figures will likely end up like Mugen Souls, which apparently sold “like, 3 copies” or something along those lines, and I don’t want IFi to crash and burn this quickly.

Other News

Ace Attorney 5 Apollo

  • Rune Factory 4‘s European release has been cancelled for unknown reasons.
    • Also, the original developers of the game, who went bankrupt, are somehow at work with the game’s Japanese publisher on a new title, Forbidden Magna.
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo’s internet service for Wii and DS games, will be closing down for good on May 20th. This is due to the service’s reliance on an outside company that was bought out and cut all agreements where they could. Unlike most games that were affected, which received no warning, Nintendo had a contract that guaranteed service until the end of the agreement, which is the aforementioned date. Services like Netflix and the Wii Shop Channel will be unaffected by this.
    • In response to their disappointing earnings reports, Nintendo has announced that they will expand their licensing of their IP, will make mobile apps for the sake of promotion only, will release a DS virtual console on Wii U, finally agreed that they need a more robust account system and has planned to make a shift towards health-related games.
  • The first 3 Ace Attorney games have been ported to 3DS and will be rereleased soon in Japan… with full English support. Additionally, the creator of the series is working on a new spin-off.
  • Sony has announced that there are over 100 games already planned for the Vita in 2014. The Vita’s second model has also been announced for Western release in the Spring in a bundle along with the Borderlands 2 port. Also, there’s word that the 32GB memory card is being phased out in the West.
  • Ubisoft has announced that they have delayed the Wii U release of Watch_Dogs, and none of the other versions. Look back at what they were saying when they delayed Rayman Legends to see the hypocrisy.
  • Inazuma Eleven has finally been released in North America. For now, just the first game and digital-only, however.
  • In a surprising move, the Nisekoi: False Love anime adaptation will have 20 episodes. Most anime have 10-13 or 24-26 episodes, so the choice is odd.
  • Microsoft has bought the Gears of War IP from Epic.
    • They have also announced a price drop for the Xbox One along with a Titanfall bundle. They then announced that they will not be doing anything to reimburse players who bought the system already.
  • Sega has renamed Index/Atlus again… to Atlus, splitting it completely from Index this time.
    • They have also announced an AU Sonic sub-series named Sonic Boom.

BlazBlue Screenshot

  • It has been clarified that the reason why BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma isn’t being released for the 360 is because it won’t fit on a disc for the system.
  • Best-selling Accel World and Sword Art Online writer Reki Kawahara has announced that he will be reviving his defunct web serial novel Absolute Solitude as an actual novel series, much like how Sword Art Online moved from web serial to professionally published.
  • EA has announced an offline version of SimCity, which will supposedly take 6 months of work to fully disconnect the game from their online servers.
  • BioShock developer Irrational Games has closed willingly. Rumour has it that this was inevitably coming, but the way it was announced makes it seem as if it was done out of the lead developer’s boredom. The company that owns the developer will be helping employees find new work.
  • There is apparently a movie deal in the works for Warner Bros. to handle Minecraft.
  • Anime legend Hayao Miyazaki has stated on record that the anime industry’s main problem is that most people working in it are otaku who don’t know how people act, and thus cannot realistically draw this.
  • Square Enix has expressed interest in porting future Final Fantasy titles to PC. It is notable that they had the intention to port Final Fantasy XV to everything they could that supports DirectX 11, so they may be starting with that game.
  • Konami has announced a few changes to Yu-Gi-Oh!’s rules (for Japan) and the specifics of the new Pendulum Summon mechanic. Specifically, the rule changes are that both players may have a field spell at the same time and that the player going first doesn’t draw a card on the opening turn. The drawing change is a good idea, as there’s literally no good reason to go second right now. The field spell change sounds like a monumentally bad idea. Pendulum summons seem like a huge card advantage sink, seeing as they require two cards just to get rolling, but they can lead to huge swarms late-game with enough luck. I won’t go into the specifics of the mechanic here, however, as you can just look it up.

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  1. A Minecraft movie, huh? I…don’t really know how to react to that. That’s awesome, I guess? I don’t know the game too well, but I was under the impression that there’s not really a plot to speak of. Then again, there wasn’t really a plot to Lego, and that got a movie that’s apparently amazing, so maybe it’ll all work out.

    Or maybe this is the last we’ll hear of a Minecraft movie. Seriously, haven’t there been a handful of video game movies that have gotten stalled or canceled? It’s not looking great — even though the world deserves more than just Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

    That aside, Irrational Games closing isn’t exactly as big a surprise as it sounds. It makes sense, so to speak; if I remember right, there was a fight JUST to get a female character on the cover of the box (and look how that worked out). And Ken Levine suggested some “lamentations” about how the AAA model may have hurt the game. So I guess getting out while they were ahead was the best option. Now they can move on to bigger…or maybe, SMALLER and better things.

    One can hope, at least.

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