The More Detailed Placeholders That Had Dropped

We’re all tired of my terrible placeholder models in the pre-alpha builds of The Turtle Who Had Wings by now, I’m sure. And it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. So I may as well show what’s currently going on.

Remember when I said I got two new artists? Well, one of them is currently at risk of dropping due to their life being turned upside-down out of nowhere, but they haven’t done anything yet, so no big deal. The other artist wanted to make something I could throw in immediately, but doesn’t have the spare time right now to do the whole concept art thing or the hand-drawn-to-computer-art song and dance due to lots of assignments. So I introduced him to a program by the name of MagicaVoxel, telling him he may be able to make better static placeholder 3D models than me on that program (my attempts were horrid).

So he spent 10-15 minutes per model, quickly making several for the sake of making the game more understandable at first glance. I’d also been implementing a stock particle effect pack I picked up cheap in a sale for further placeholder purposes, so the pre-alpha will be looking better overall. It’s not quite ready to show yet, but I figured I’d show some of these placeholders (not all, but some). Note that the artist wants to make it perfectly clear that this isn’t really using most of his skill, as these were made hastily in a very limited program. These also do not represent the final designs – the concept art will do that, placeholders are placeholders.

Here you go:

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Now, in terms of gameplay, I’ve been spending most of my time cleaning up glitches, not adding new levels or anything, but I have added one new thing. A button that drops you straight to the ground and cancels you out of flight as that happens. Nothing too major, but should be nice for people who don’t want to wait for the character to drop to the ground fairly slowly.

I suppose there’s one more thing I should say – we’ve just about decided what name to give the development team. Million Chameleon. Why that? Well, there’s a bit of a story there. The artist and I were trying to come up with a catchy name, and while we were doing so, we ended up in a pet store for certain reasons. He saw a chameleon on display and said “million chameleon”, which seems to work well enough, I suppose.

I’ll post a video or something when we finish making and adding placeholder models and particle effects. That won’t be for a while, though, and I might end up posting further, unrelated updates in between.


2 thoughts on “The More Detailed Placeholders That Had Dropped

  1. Million Chameleon… If I were in charge I’d probably change it to Chamillion or Chamellion, but I doubt that is very SEO friendly so don’t listen to my dumb idea.

    • While you’re right about it being less SEO friendly… Chamillion is hilarious and I now feel obligated to pitch that to the others. XD

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