Two Years, Huh…

So, today marks two years of this blog running. I’m surprised I’ve been at it this long. Especially with an average of just over one post per three days. Now, what to do for it…

…Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Nothing really “special” has happened over the past two years for the blog itself that isn’t just the blog’s normal day-to-day operations. Which has been slowing down lately. Fourth year is brutal.

I will say this, however: April has traditionally been a very plentiful month for this blog in terms of posts. Furthermore, April 2013 is still my top month for blog hits on record. Once exams are over, expect me to post quite a bit more over the course of April and May. And, speaking of May, guess what else turns 2 in May?

Radar Logo 2

Yup, Under Your Radar will be marking two years. I have something minor, but special, planned for that day.

For the time being, though, I’ll just proceed as normal. Today is just another day (though a rather amusing one for an anniversary – I assure you that it wasn’t on purpose!).

See you all next time I do a post. This is probably my record for shortest post.


One thought on “Two Years, Huh…

  1. B-but this post came out on April Fool’s Day, AKA “the most dangerous day of the year.” So how do I know it really is the 2-year anniversary? How do I know you’re telling the truth? How do I even know we exist? What if there is no truth?


    All joking aside, congrats on sticking with it for two years. That level of dedication is something to be proud of, so go ahead and do something to celebrate. Go eat a honey bun.

    No, even better than that. Go eat TWO honey buns. Gotta stay fly.

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