Under Your Radar: Yes Lolita! but Father?

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Lolita Cover…Yes, that title is completely serious. Today’s Under Your Radar is of the 12-chapter comedy manga Yes Lolita! but Father? (more commonly known as Chichi ga Loli na Mono de) by Shimesaba that was serialized in Comic Rex.

This is a simple and short one, so this will be brief. The story follows a pedophile whose father is a top scientist and whose mother owns a large company. His father, while working on eternal youth, accidentally turns himself into a little girl. The story then proceeds to show the protagonist’s father trying to cure his son’s perverseness, and discovering that it’s a side-effect of a limiter placed on his brain.

The art style isn’t the best, but works for what it is. The comedy’s not the sharpest, but is very amusing nonetheless. The premise gives up amusing things such as a cockroach turning into a little girl and still maintaining all of her cockroach instincts, as well as the protagonist’s father showing up for parent-teacher interviews as a little girl.


Overall, this manga is short enough to justify a read. 12 chapters doesn’t take very long to go through, and you’ll know whether you like it or not pretty quickly.