So I Graduated…

Reconstructing the Chaos
I picked this image for this post because… Because… Heck if I know, actually.

It’s been years in the making, and I’m about a week late posting about it thanks to other family celebrations and E3, but a stage of my life has now ended. As of June 6th, I have graduated. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Legal Studies (Honours). Of course, those of you following my Twitter feed knew as it happened, since I posted regarding how I was confident my name would be pronounced incorrectly. Shockingly, the announcer got it exactly right (after a long pause).

What can I do with a Legal Studies degree? Well, on its own, not much, but I’m hoping a law school takes me so I can turn it into a law degree over the next three years. I’m still waiting on responses from about half of them.

While I wait for those responses, not much will change. I will continue to play games, watch anime, read manga, and work on The Turtle Who Had Wings: The Best Forgery Ever™ as before. A few things are worth noting, however.

The Turtle Who Had Wings Logo (Placeholder 4)

As you might have noticed, I very deliberately said The Turtle Who Had Wings: The Best Forgery Ever™ just now. Trademark symbol and all. Well, there’s a simple reason for that – I need to begin establishing informal trademark protection for the name until I get get it formally covered sometime in the future, and that requires consistent use of the trademark symbol. Don’t worry, I won’t say the full title every time, as I also need to protect the name The Turtle Who Had Wings™ on its own. Just… get used to ™ appearing in my posts about the game. It’s for my own protection.

Further on the subject of the game, the main artist for the game will be in a certain communist country where I cannot contact him for at least a few months, maybe up to a year. He has all the information he needs to work on the game’s concept art while he’s gone, but this has a few ramifications.

Firstly, the art I have now is all I have access to in regards to the game. We won’t be seeing any updates on that until he’s back. Secondly, as his trip to said country is significantly longer than what he told me his plans were, the game’s release will not be a late 2015-mid 2016 release like I wanted, unless a miracle happens. It will be even further back.

No huge deal, now let’s talk other things. I’ve recently started actually making use of my Twitch channel, but I lack a capture card to actually record console games with, and don’t have the required physically-modded Vita or 3DS to record handheld games. I want to do more content, but my only options at present are PC titles and emulators. Plus, unlike these blog posts, I cannot motivate myself to run a stream with no viewers whatsoever. I hope to be able to stream soon.

Next, you may have noticed a few changes to the bar at the top of the blog, the requirements to make a comment and the name of one of the categories in the sidebar. I’ve opened comments for posts more than three weeks old, and no longer require an e-mail address or have rules. This is a temporary reprieve, and the restrictions will go back up if people choose to flame me again. Also, the Trading Card Games section, which only house Yu-Gi-Oh! posts is now called Competitive Gaming. This is because I intend to post about competitive Pokémon in the near future.

Wrath of the Ruler is no longer in the top bar. This is because it’s on hiatus.

Finally, in the near future, I intend to post about ideas I have for games I may make after The Turtle Who Had Wings™ if the game does well enough for me to continue making games. This is because someone may find my wacky game ideas interesting, so why not? The big thing here is that I will likely need several posts to explain what I’d want out of an RPG. It should be no surprise to anyone that RPGs are my favourite genre, and I’d love to make one that’s a “best hits” sort of deal from my favourite ones. But such a game could easily end up too mechanically bloated for its own good, so such a game may never exist. Won’t stop me from drooling over the idea, however.

I suppose that’s certainly an update.