Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 30, 2014)


Japanese Issue 30

WSJ Cover 30 2014

One Piece (Cover, Lead Colour)
1. Assassination Classroom
2. Naruto
Takujō no Ageha (Center Colour, One-Shot)
3. PSI Kusuo Saiki
4. Kuroko’s Basketball
5. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
Hinomaru Zumō (Chapter 5)
6. Nisekoi: False Love
Haikyuu!! (Center Colour)
7. Gin Tama
8. Bleach
Isobe Isobee Monogatari (Center Colour)
(Unknown One-Shot)
9. Illegal Rare
10. Kochikame
Hunter × Hunter (fourth chapter after hiatus)
11. Stealth Symphony
12. Soul Catcher(s)
13. iShōjo
World Trigger (Absent)
Toriko (Absent)

Both Shiibashi and Nishi are working on new series in Jump NEXT!. Though Shiibashi’s is an adaptation of a novel.

Kubo got a trophy for drawing 600 chapters. From what I gather, that means he’s about 3 chapters ahead.

Japanese Issue 31

Cover, Lead Colour: Assassination Classroom (Ultra Important Announcement)
Center Colour: Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Tokyo Ghoul (from Young Jump, Anime Advertisement), Sore ike! Yūgō-kun (3-Chapter Serialization)

English Issue 29

English Jump Cover 29 2014

Naruto (Cover)
Hunter × Hunter
Stealth Symphony
Nisekoi: False Love
World Trigger
Nisekoi: False Love × My Love Story!! ~Boys’ Side~ (Center Colour)
My Love Story!! (Preview, Part of Chapter 1)

Nisekoi: False Love × My Love Story!! ~Girls’ Side~ in two issues.

This week’s Nihongo Lesson is “Kanojo”.

This week’s comments:

English Jump Comments 29 2014