The Feedback That Was Sought Once More

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It’s been just under 13 months since the last time I publicly posted a build of The Turtle Who Had Wings: The Best Forgery Ever™ for feedback. I figure I may as well do so.

I am seeking feedback on pre-alpha build 0.0350. The information you need to know before downloading, as well as any and all download links, can be found below.

What is The Turtle Who Had Wings?

It is my first commercial game project (not my first game, first commercial game). It is, however, nowhere near finished, so please keep that in mind.

Explaining just what it is could prove complicated, but it’s a 3D character action game, to put it simply. It has elements from hack and slashes and platformers, uses very limited RPG elements for character progression, and is designed for the potential to be chaotic and to punish those who don’t think things through.

What’s Included in This Build?

Three levels are playable. You can find them by going to Story/Magnet’s Story/Mt. DiztroyaStory/Magnet’s Story/Tower of Chaos and Story/Ruyo’s Story/Orientem Settlement. Mt. Diztroya has had the most work put in, and Orientem Settlement’s design is still in its early stages.

Additionally, most other buttons that do not lead you to levels are working. Normally one has to unlock abilities, but all of them are unlocked by default here. Instructions can be found in-game. Yes, most of the options menu is functional. Most.

Of course, being a pre-alpha, there are also several glitches. You can find a list of known ones in a text file enclosed with the build.

Also, all art assets are placeholders, and level layouts are not finalized.


EDIT: Enough feedback has been left. The links below are now invalid.

Leave Feedback

After trying the build out, you can leave any and all feedback here. Please leave feedback even if the game didn’t work – I left in spaces for that sort of response.