The Surrender That Was Inevitable

This post was, honestly, a long time coming. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

The Turtle Who Had Wings Logo (Placeholder 4)

For those unaware, the tenth artist on The Turtle Who Had Wings hasn’t yet quit per se, but all signs point to life forcing his hand. Of course, that also means that’s the tenth artist who’s needed to withdraw from the game. On Twitter and Skype yesterday, I jokingly referred to this as the game being cursed.

This, among other things, such as the game’s relative quality not looking like it’ll be up to snuff in its intended final form (thanks to that long development time among other things), is making me think that, perhaps, I need to step away from this game and try something else.

There’s an additional reason why I’m thinking this, as well. The Turtle Who Had Wings is very much a 3D game, which is a large part of why I’ve had problems figuring out the game’s funding – I only know 2D artists. I could always go the Chantelise, Recettear, or Paper Mario route with it (2D characters in a 3D world), but I’d honestly rather avoid that where possible unless I had a really good artist. Especially problematic would be getting a good sense of depth this way – hitboxes would be hard to gauge at the viewing angle the game was designed in if doing 2D planes in 3D.

So there’s the simple explanation. I’m thinking of shelving The Turtle Who Had Wings until I’ve become more established and have a definite way to “break the curse”, in a sense. Instead, I’d work on a 2D game in the interim that I can complete without major compromise.

And I would like feedback on this. I have no shortage of other, more realistic game ideas to go after, like the RPG that I was brainstorming, so it’s not like I’d be stumped in the meantime.

EDIT: Decided to go for it.