An Overdue Update

There was a serious gap in time on my blog where little to nothing was posted, only to be followed by me saying that I would be shelving The Turtle Who Had Wings due to issues getting a stable artist. Today, I intend to bring everyone up to speed with this short post, both on that and on other things.

To start off with, I did get into law school, but not one in Canada. I’m in an online program with the University of London and am looking into several other options to avoid wasting time with attempting to convert that degree into one that would let me practice in Canada. This has kept me quite busy.

This is why I have not been posting the Jump ToC Rankings lately. That said, I will be posting the last several weeks’ worth very soon in order to catch up.

Additionally, I’ve put together a Steam curator page. It can be found here. If you follow it, my recommendations will be factored into what shows up on your Steam front page. If you largely agree with my reviews, I recommend you follow it. Doing so will bring me further up the list of top Steam curators, which then allows me to advertise this blog thanks to the built-in option to link reviews. I’ve linked any Under Your Radar or #1 Quick Fix posts on the games I’ve recommended if I’ve done any. Most of the games don’t have one, so I guess you can also use the page to gauge what I like that doesn’t get a direct review here.

Finally, on the subject of The Turtle Who Had Wings and what I’m doing next… As I said before, I decided to shelve the game because it’s too expensive to outsource right now, and I couldn’t get an artist to stick with the game. So I went with something much easier to outsource – the RPG idea I was talking about. I’ve put together a proper game design document, and it’s much more fleshed out now. I’ve also found an artist (tentatively – I don’t really trust artists anymore), and I intend to make the prototype for the game soon.

This project bears the tentative title Battlefield of Love. A full explanation will follow later.