Under Your Radar: Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

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It’s time for Under Your Radar! Today’ll be a short one about Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!, which was recently released on Steam by Nyu Media. It is the sequel to the previously-covered Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, but it’s an episodic, linear visual novel instead. It was released alongside an update patch to the aforementioned game that de-Westernized the localization by default (but it left it available as a launch option). This sequel only uses de-Westernized terms.

To be absolutely clear, in case you read the previously-linked post on the first game, Miley is now Mairu due to the translation change.


The story follows the very club created in the original game, and introduces a new character named Ai who becomes Mairu’s partner in aiming for the pro comedy world. Ai is a famous idol singer, so the main conflicts are twofold: not being able to reveal her identity and the rift this causes between Mairu and her roommate.


I’d say more, but then I’d basically be stating the entire game’s plot. It’s that short. You could get through it very quickly without even trying to. There are some side-stories that take place after the main plot, but otherwise that’s it.


Controls are simple, just press space to progress… which makes sense since it’s a linear visual novel. Erm…


Pick this up if you really want to know what happens next, I guess, but the ending is so non-final that it feels insulting. Unless bought in the bundle with the previous game, I honestly can’t recommend doing so.


For the record, I’m not discriminating against visual novels here. Branching ones are fine, linear ones are fine, but this one’s just way too short. If you read quickly, I don’t doubt you can finish it in under an hour. It’s that short.