Under Your Radar: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

OVERLAPPERS by Qverkett:|| (voice actors of the literature club girls)

Reality has somehow become a super version of our everyday life…

The mysterious fortune broke into a run,
And I told you not to laugh – something just came over me
I wonder why I feel like I’m about to change, but can’t
Awakening power…
Unawakened feelings…
…Don’t go wild on me now!

Really, everyone might actually like it,
So over the top and cool: I wanna be like that! I wanna be like that!
Hearts that can fully transform are so wonderful! (What boys and girls dream about!?)

Reality has somehow become a super version of our everyday life in overlap!
Just wait for it… and, before we realise,
Even that’s fun in its own right! (OVERLAPPERS)
Surrounded by this exciting secret,
I’ve started desiring your touch… what should I do!?
I want to be the one to give you kind words,
Though it’s probably too late for that… Ahh, there’s probably no chance…
I love you…

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Supernatural Battles Promo ImageIt’s time for Under Your Radar! This time, we’re covering When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, known in Japan as Inō-Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de, which is also officially translated as Inou Battle Within Everyday Life and Inou-Battle in the Usually Daze. It’s on ongoing light novel series by Kota Nozomi, and it has a manga adaptation, but I’ll be focusing on the Fall 2014 anime here.

Somewhere in Japan, probably Tokyo, there’s a high school known as Senkō. In their literature club, there’s a sufferer of eighth-grader syndrome by the name of Jurai Andō. The four girls who make up the rest of the club don’t really get it. After skipping some amount of time, they all have superpowers. But this doesn’t affect their lives whatsoever, the end.

Supernatural Battles Screenshot 1

…Okay, fine, I should probably explain a bit more about what the series is about.

Despite having superpowers, this is actually a fairly standard harem series. You have your childhood friend character (who has the power to manipulate the elements), you have your token elementary-schooler (who can warp reality), you have the responsible girl who knows martial arts (and can heal people), and you have the obvious front-runner character (who can stop time), all of whom have feelings for Jurai, the sole important male character.

Supernatural Battles Screenshot 3

What’s Jurai’s power, you ask? Well, he calls it Dark and Dark, and it’s a lukewarm dark flame that does absolutely nothing. So much for being engulfed in the flames of darkness and disappearing. (Yes, I scheduled this one to come next after that series just for that.)

It’s really kinda interesting. It’s like you take the dreams of someone with eighth-grader syndrome and make it into reality. Except you’d expect there to be major combat sequences or something, right? Nope, the writer chose to stick to their guns. While backstory is provided for all of the series’ events (seen in episode 8 of the anime) that would normally lead up to combat, some research shows that, in the light novels, all of the potential combat stuff is eventually resolved off-screen by characters outside the main cast.

Supernatural Battles Screenshot 2

So I’m not exactly joking when I say that it’s literally your standard harem series except the main cast has random superpowers for no apparent reason. But this isn’t a waste by any means, as the result of this is us getting to see them play around with them for fun. Not to mention scenes like the childhood friend trying to understand the protagonist, only to get enraged and give us the best rant I’ve seen in an anime yet. Seriously, the rant by Hatoko is so well-delivered that I pretty much had to check who the voice actress was. It turned out to be Saori Hayami, for the record.

That said, while I like this series, I’ve seen enough harems to recognize a gimmick when I see one, and this is a gimmick. The powers being there at all seems more like a gag than anything, so I would have easily found it dull had the quality of the writing been at all notably lower. Luckily, the writer avoided use of standard harem hijinks or fanservice and focused on the series’ strengths.

Supernatural Battles Screenshot 4

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace is available on Crunchyroll.


It’s well-written and I recommend it, but don’t delude yourself. This is a standard harem slice of life, the powers come secondary. Some people I’ve seen expected this to work like Negima! or Medaka Box where the early parts are misleadingly benign, but those people missed the joke.


It’s my belief that powers aren’t meant to hurt people. Nor are they meant to make others happy. … Superpowers are the coolest thing ever! And cool is all they need to be.

– Jurai Andō