The Most Efficient Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck: Self-Kill

You Overestimate My Power

Even if you don’t play Yu-Gi-Oh!, you may find this deck funny. It’s a deck where the goal is to simply lose as quickly as possible. No twists here, just lose as soon as you possibly can.

How does that work? Well, decklist first…


Main Deck (40)

Monsters (18)

3 A Cat of Ill Omen
3 D-Boyz
3 Gale Dogra
3 Giant Kozaky
3 Grinder Golem
3 The Immortal of Thunder

Spells (9)

3 Pot of Duality
3 Spell Chronicle
3 Upstart Goblin

Traps (13)

3 An Unfortunate Report
3 Crop Circles
3 Destruction of Destiny
3 Destructive Draw
1 Wall of Revealing Light

Extra Deck (15)

3 Charubin the Fire Knight
3 Flame Swordsman
3 Fusionist
3 Rare Fish
3 Sanwitch

While there are strategies that will whittle down your life points in a pre-set combo, I’ve found that it’s a lot more efficient to just have a large amount of individual single cards pulling their own weight in this regard.

Most of these are self-explanatory. A Cat of Ill Omen, Upstart Goblin and Pot of Duality simply help me pick what I need from my deck, and the rest of the cards just whittle down my life points. Grinder Golem is 6000 on its own, Wall of Revealing Light is up to 7000 since I can’t pay all of my life points for a card’s cost.

Since I don’t run any Aliens for Crop Circles, it will always damage me. Similar logic applies to Giant Kozaky since I don’t run Kozaky.

Spell Chronicle can cost me 2500 based on my opponent’s actions, and also clues them in on what I’m doing if they recognize the cards. If they don’t, it acts as a searcher. An Unfortunate Report is also a big tip-off.

Since I run Gale Dogra (which easily costs me 6000 LP), I filled the Extra Deck in with the most pathetic of the effectless Fusions I could find. Sanwitch requires two banned cards, Fusionist has the lowest raw stats of all effectless Fusions.

Depending on your opponent’s sense of humour, this is sure to get a laugh.