The Turtle Spreads Its Wings and Rises from the Ashes

I’m about a month late posting this here, but it’s a good idea to put this here in a bit more detail instead of only stating it via Twitter.

Firstly, a project update on Battlefield of Love. It now goes by a new title, rather than a tentative one. That title is Love♥Rank: The “Oh Gawd, Too Many People Are Fighting and I Can’t Tell What’s Going on” RPG.

Love Rank Placeholder Logo

Unless something unforeseen happens, this will be the title the game releases under when it is completed. That said, aside from the title, most of my work over the past while has not been on the coding end, but rather the design end.

I’ve gotten a lot of coding for the combat done, don’t get me wrong, and I haven’t exactly been posting all of my work here. But the most important things I’ve taken care of in recent times is fixing several sore-spots in the design, and coming up with the movesets for the characters I hadn’t made them for yet. The only reasons why I haven’t gotten code done are the same reasons that stopped my from posting – general stuff like studying and writing for Siliconera keeping me busy.

Then we get to what the title’s about. Since Love Rank will take a while to complete, I’ve been entertaining the idea of completely changing the gameplay of The Turtle Who Had Wings and starting work on it again.

The Turtle Who Had Wings Logo (Placeholder 4)

If you’ve been following my Twitter, then you’ll notice that, last month, I randomly tried seeing what a bullet hell with fully-3D movement would feel like. Surprisingly, with the right control scheme, even the basic prototype made with no prior planning felt really responsive. As such, given how much trouble designing the old version of the gameplay was, as well as how dated the concept is now (remember, a random low-budget licensed game already did very similar gameplay)…

Well, let’s just say I took notice of how well such a gameplay concept would fit the cast of that game, though some things would need to be redesigned from the ground up.

I am probably going to do this, and it won’t be a huge game, but rather something small and simple. Before you look at me with a sceptic look, do note that I’ve already decided how the gameplay’s gonna be, no need to worry about bloat. I’ll re-shelve it if this doesn’t work out and wait patiently for another plan if that doesn’t work.

And that’s what’s been going on. I’ll provide further updates when I get a chance to continue working and thus have something to actually say. I’ll update the page for The Turtle Who Had Wings only if I get an okay prototype with enough of the stuff I designed out there. The Love Rank page already reflects the new title.