The Winged Turtle Shoots Forth

The Turtle Who Had Wings Logo (Placeholder 4)

It’s been a few months since I’ve said much about The Turtle Who Had Wings™, so I guess I may as well explain what’s going on with that. As I said before, it’s a fully-3D bullet hell, and I’ve now updated its page to say as much.

I suppose I should explain what I’ve done with that. (BTW, no images right now because no art.) The 6 playable characters have stayed conceptually identical, but I don’t know what we’ll do with the plot (it’ll need to be simpler), so I’ve removed the subtitle for the time being.

In short, each level is basically a cube shaped like a tunnel, in which enemies are laid out. You pick a player character and an assist character, giving you a total of four attacks that differ per your selection. Your melee, ranged and extra attacks are based on your player character and your assist attack is based on the assist character.

Unlike most games in the genre, you can’t just spam the attack button as you have an SP bar. The bar refills on its own over time, but, as a holdover from when this game was a platform brawler, it will refill significantly faster if it’s closer to being full. Melee attacks can be used freely, but have limited range (the main use being to get rid of incoming projectiles without taking damage). Assist attacks are on a cooldown.

As another holdover from the game’s platform brawler roots, you have a dash that gives you an extremely small window of temporary invincibility. This will likely cost 1 SP, but I am unsure. The game will also have an HP bar instead of lives. This means the whole concept of currency being used to upgrade your character and act as lives simultaneously has been axed, but you instead have an HP bar that varies based on who you’re playing as (starting SP also changes this way).

Finally, every player character moves at a different speed in each axis. Yes, the speed a character moves on the X, Y and Z axes may not all be identical, and different character have different speeds. These have been calculated with the characters’ HP and SP for balance purposes, so no need to worry about a character having weak stats all-around.

Since it’s a very simple game (as this genre needs to be), I’ve done some work on it to get used to coding again after I had to take an extended break for exams. It will likely finish before Love♥Rank™ does, but time will tell. (I worked on this instead of Love♥Rank™ because RPGs have a lot of interconnected systems that would take some getting used to for me to get work done.)

I’d post a build for feedback, but Unity’s web player no longer works on Google Chrome, so there’s no point.