How About an Update?

So, as of just over a month ago, I began living in New York City, for law school. You may have noticed that, after suddenly being on a roll with new posts, they suddenly stopped – that’s why.


Now, while law school isn’t particularly difficult yet, I’m told it will be, and it’s still a fairly major time drain due to the amount of required reading. I will post when I have the time, but the last few weekends have been pretty aggravating (especially this one that just ended).

Some behind-the-scenes stuff: I’ve left Siliconera. They dissolved their playtest team, so I had nothing left. These are my last three posts for them, since I’ve linked all of my other ones:

Love Rank Placeholder Logo

Additionally, with my schedule like this, I’ve shelved The Turtle Who Had Wings once again, to focus on Love♥Rank. I doubt I’d have enough spare time for two games at once in the foreseeable future. Given how things have gone, a Kickstarter may be necessary to attain the necessary art for the game. However, I won’t do it until everything else is complete, so I can demonstrate the fact that everything else has been done, showing I’m serious about things.

Radar Logo 2

In terms of my regular columns, the next Under Your Radar is coming, but I need to catch up on all my anime. The downside to a subway is that I can’t just use Crunchyroll to watch my shows during my long commute, and this has stopped me from using the same tactics I used during my undergrad degree to keep myself up to date. The next season is only a few weeks away. And yes, there will be a Rundown the Street as per usual. Thankfully, next season looks a lot smaller than the current one for me.

So yeah, my lack of stuff lately has mostly been due to getting used to how things work in New York and at law school. Things should get better soon.