A Day Like Any Other

Another year, another birthday post.

I don’t really know what to say this time, though. Hooray, I’m 22? No, because I don’t have the slightest moment to stop and celebrate. Law school is no slouch, I have assignments followed by midterms, it won’t be until late in the month that I can catch my breath for more than a little while.

Birthday Alone

Even assuming that I did, I can’t celebrate with anyone. Everyone is either too busy or too far away to visit on a Friday during which I have class. My family decided to postpone celebrating it until December, but that was after I convinced them not to taunt me by baking a cake over there in my name and eating it after sending a photo.

This year, my birthday will be spent like any other day of the school week, followed by a normal evening alone. Sad, but true. If I were still in Canada, however, it would be a day off due to Thanksgiving. I suppose I won’t be lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a holiday for the next three years.

Various other things are happening more privately to make life somewhat annoying right now.

I hope that today will be a moderately okay birthday after I get a good night’s sleep. That is the best I can ask for this year. Happy birthday to me.

Hopefully next year has this as a less stressful time.