Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 3-4, 2016)


I’m super-late, but this is a break week for Jump anyway, so…

Japanese Issue 3/4

WSJ Cover 3-4 2016

Assassination Classroom (Cover, Lead Colour)
1. One Piece
2. My Hero Academia
3. Hinomaru Zumō
4. PSI Kisuo Saiki
5. Straighten Up!
Haikyu!! (Center Colour)
6. Black Clover
7. Gin Tama
Crematers (Center Colour, One-Shot)
8. Samon the Summoner
9. Food Wars!
10. Mononofu
11. Kochikame
Buddy Strike (Chapter 6)
12. Bleach
13. Toriko
14. World Trigger
15. Nisekoi
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

A Naruto spin-off about his son, Boruto, will be running next year. It will run monthly, and Kishimoto will supervise it. Kishimoto himself will make a one-shot of Boruto next year. The ones actually making the Boruto series will be a duo of the writer for the Naruto epilogue novels, Ukyō Kodachi and one of Kishimoto’s assistants, Mikio Ikemoto for the art.

Samon and Mononofu both got official Twitter accounts. I take this as a sign that neither of the two are planned for the chopping block right now.

Japanese Issue 5/6 Info

Cover, Lead Colour: One Piece
Center Colour: My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Zenei no Archer (One-Shot)

This one-shot is from the mangaka for Kuroko’s Basketball.

English Issue 2

English Jump Cover 2 2016

Food Wars! (Cover, Lead Colour)
My Hero Academia
Black Clover
World Trigger
One-Punch Man
YuYu Hakusho (Jump Back)

This issue’s Nihongo Lesson.

This issue’s comments:

English Jump Comments 2 2016

Japanese Issue 3/4

English Jump Cover 3-4 2016

One Piece
My Hero Academia
Food Wars!
World Trigger
Black Clover
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
YuYu Hakusho (Jump Back)

This issue has an interview with Yu-Gi-Oh! mangaka Takahashi.

The Boruto manga and one-shot will run in the English magazine.

This week’s Nihongo Lesson is about the end of the year: nenmatsu, shougatsu and akemashite omodetou gozaimasu.

This week’s comments:

English Jump Comments 3-4 2016