Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 5-6, 2016)


Sorry, this is late because I’m not at my usual place until next week.

Japanese Issue 5/6

WSJ Cover 5-6 2016

One Piece (Lead Colour)
1. Assassination Classroom
2. Haikyu!!
Zenei no Archer (One-Shot)
3. Hinomaru Zumō
4. Samon the Summoner
My Hero Academia (Center Colour)
5. Toriko
6. Mononofu
Black Clover (Center Colour)
7. Kochikame
8. Straighten Up!
9. Food Wars!
10. PSI Kusuo Saiki
11. World Trigger
12. Gin Tama
Buddy Strike (Chapter 7)
13. Nisekoi
14. Bleach
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Food Wars! hasn’t been doing well for two issues now. I can only assume it’s a reaction to the new villain who uprooted the story.

I similarly cannot tell if people have been voting Nisekoi so lowly as of late because they hate the last arc because it was terrible, they hate the last arc because it removed the girl who topped the last popularity poll from the plot, or because they’re tired of the manga as a whole. It definitely seems to coincide with the start of said arc, though.

Japanese Issue 7 Info

Cover, Lead Colour: Haikyuu!!
Center Colour: Samon the Summoner, Hinomaru Zumō and Food Fighter Tabelu (Special Chapter)

Food Fighter Tabelu normally runs in Jump+.

English Issue 5/6

English Jump Cover 5-6 2016

One Piece (Lead Colour)
Food Wars!
My Hero Academia (Center Colour)
Black Clover (Center Colour)
World Trigger
One-Punch Man
YuYu Hakusho (Jump Back)

A “Naruto Yearbook” was added to subscribers’ accounts during the break week. They will also be off next week.

This week’s Nihongo Lesson is on new years: “kinga shinnen” and “kotoshi mo yoroshikuonegaishimasu”. This week’s comments kept terms gone over this week and last in Japanese, and made the font for those parts red, since they just told you what it meant on the previous page.

This week’s comments:

English Jump Comments 5-6 2016