What I’m Watching: Winter 2016 Anime Season

What I'm Watching

Shirayukihime Poster Season 2

Well… Err… I’ll let this one speak for itself.



  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


  • Snow White with the Red Hair (Season 2)

Only After I Catch Up

  • Koyomimonogatari


Fucking Nothing

So, this season… Huh.

I went over it a few times with a friend. While he’s perfectly willing to poke through the worse stuff for some entertainment, all I saw were things that were one of the following:

  1. It failed my entirely subjective Interesting Premise Test™ (IPT). I’m not talking mild failures (I still give the more lukewarm stuff a chance by putting them on the lower ends of the Maybe pile), these were absolute failures.
  2. Sequels to stuff I haven’t seen yet, though I intend to get to some of them eventually.
  3. Stuff that passed IPT, but further research revealed it was worse than it sounded like.
  4. Not my cup of tea (see: ERASED).

This led to the list you see before you. I will spend the time on my backlog, gaming, or programming, but I won’t settle for worse shows just because the season is bad.

Hopefully next season will be better.



One thought on “What I’m Watching: Winter 2016 Anime Season

  1. Oh man, I’d completely forgotten that Dragon Ball Super was a thing. Well, granted a couple of videos went up on Channel Awesome recently talking about the series. To quote the preview:

    “Dragonball Super has been a rollercoaster in terms of quality and action. Are there any ways to make the show more satisfying to viewers? Find out here!”

    What an ominous preview! But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. Because…well, it IS Dragon Ball.

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