Rundown the Street (Spring 2016)

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It’s time for another Rundown the Street! Here’s a summary of anime/manga/game-related news that broke over the course of the spring.

  • Details have emerged on Demon Gaze 2. A trailer has also been put out. The series is planned to be a trilogy, and they’re aiming for 1 million total sales for the three titles combined, worldwide.
  • Classic anime/manga series Cardcaptor Sakura (localized as Cardcaptors for the anime) has received a sequel manga, subtitled Clear Card. It takes place directly after the manga’s final pages. A sequel anime has also been announced.
  • NIS America has announced that they’ve dissolved their mutual publishing partnership with Atlus’s Western branch. Atlus had apparently become hard to work with after their acquisition by Sega.
  • Nintendo has sold their majority stake in the Seattle Mariners.
  • Whatever Nintendo’s NX system is, it will launch in March 2017, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch in the same month, along with the Wii U version, presumably as a launch title.
  • A new Sonic game will release in 2017.
  • An RPG by the name of Akiba’s Beat has been announced, from the same devs as Akiba’s Trip 2. It will release in the West in Winter 2016.

Crash Skylander

  • Crash Bandicoot will have his first three games remastered and bundled together for PS4. He will also appear in Skylanders as a guest character, presumably to advertise him to this generation’s children.
  • Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will have Hamtaro as a pet. Yes, the titular hamster from that old anime.
    • If you’re out of the loop, Story of Seasons is the new name for the Harvest Moon series, and the current Harvest Moon games are made by what was the localizer of the previous titles.
  • Disney has closed their games division, ending Disney Infinity along with it. They will simply license out their properties in the future.
  • Yen Press, now being owned in part by Kadokawa, will have first refusal on licensing Kadokawa series from now on.
  • Nintendo is planning on creating 3D animated films based on their IP, the first releasing 2-3 years from now.
  • There will be more powerful PS4s and Xbox Ones on the market in 2017. Details are scarce aside from the claim that all games will allegedly work with the old hardware.
  • Sekai Project has partnered with Limited Run Games to publish various titles from Japan.
  • Skyrim will be receiving a graphical overhaul for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PC upgrade is free. It releases in October.