Long Overdue Development Updates

Well, I can’t deny that it certainly has been a while since I’ve said anything on this blog about the current development state of either game project. Indeed, last time was in September, when I said law school was going to be a time drain and I may need to re-shelve The Turtle Who Had Wings. It turned out that the former was true, the latter was false. But let’s handle these updates one at a time.

Love Rank Placeholder Logo

On the subject of Love♥Rank, there’s a good reason why I’ve posted exactly nothing. That’s because I’ve been busy implementing player character offensive moves, which also involve the implementation of many other systems in regards to battle.

Unless I wanted to spoil various aspects of the game, and arguably even then, these are all under-the-hood things that I would not want to talk about here. Unless the readers have programming knowledge, it would sound like gibberish. Either way, while there are still many left, these will be out of the way fairly “soon”. It shouldn’t take long once I take care of the current deluge of new games for me to play.

For the sake of not going dark on this immediately after saying so, I plan to write up a post soon enough about how I plan to handle enemy AI.

I would additionally like to note that a backup name has been decided in case the name runs into legal trouble. Better safe than sorry with a name like this one.

Placeholder TWHW Logo

The Turtle Who Had Wings has come a long way after I came up with the genre change a year ago. All player and enemy attacks have been designed and implemented aside from bosses, leaving obstacles and level layouts. The game’s general plot has been thrown together, listing the game at 12 levels and 11 bosses (not counting tutorials). The levels have also been split into 4 each for three gameplay styles.

If this is sounding familiar, it’s because this is exactly the stage I’d reached with the previous genre for The Turtle Who Had Wings. What remains is to come up with good, fun levels.

A conundrum has arisen regarding the length of the game. If you’re not aware, Steam, which is where I’d sure love this game to end up, has instituted refunds if made under 2 hours of playtime. Yet if this game has 5-minute levels and 2.5-minute bosses (which already seems to be pushing it for length in this genre), the game is 87.5 minutes long, 32.5 minutes short, not counting the tutorials or story (story won’t be long, tutorials will probably add up to one level’s length total despite being split into three).

Yes, this means someone could theoretically buy it, beat it, then refund it. An aggravating thought, and one I’d prefer to not worry about in the design process, but it is a possibility.

Hopefully I’m able to have more of substance to discuss soon, but there you have it. This is what’s been going on. I have by no means stopped.