Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 41, 2016)


Japanese Issue 41


My Hero Academia (Cover, Lead Colour)
1. Black Clover
2. Food Wars!
3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
4. Yuragi-sō no Yūna-san
Boruto (Center Colour)
5. Haikyu!!
Boy the Gold (Center Colour, Golden Future Cup Entry #2)
6. Kochikame
Red Sprite (Chapter 3)
Hinomaru Zumō (Center Colour)
7. Kimetsu no Yaiba
Love Rush! (Chapter 4)
8. Gin Tama
The Promised Neverland (Chapter 6)
9. Samon the Summoner
10. Toriko
11. World Trigger
12. Straighten Up!
13. Takuan & Batsu’s Daily Demon Diary
Isobe Isobee Monogatari
One Piece (Absent)

Kochikame has won a Guinness world record for most manga volumes published.

Japanese Issue 42

Cover, Lead Colour: Kochikame (Final Chapter)
Full Colour: Kochikame (Chapter 1)
Center Colour: Tokubetsu Kokka Kōmuin Kaizōsha Taisaku-ka Tanaka Seiji (Golden Future Cup Entry #3)

English Issue 40


Seraph of the End (Cover)
One Piece
The Promised Neverland
Food Wars! (Center Colour)
World Trigger
Red Sprite (Center Colour, Jump Start)
My Hero Academia
Love Rush! (Jump Start)
Black Clover
Blue Exorcist

This issue contains a joint interview with Togashi and Kishimoto about expression.

This week’s Nihongo Lesson.

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