Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 51, 2016)


Japanese Issue 51


Demon’s Plan (Cover, Lead Colour, New Series)
1. One Piece
2. Black Clover
Toriko (Center Colour, Final Chapter)
Amalgam of Distortion (Chapter 7)
3. Haikyu!!
The Promised Neverland (Center Colour)
4. Samon the Summoner
5. My Hero Academia
6. Gin Tama
7. Hinomaru Zumō
Boruto (Center Colour)
Spring Weapon No. 1 (Chapter 6)
8. Kimetsu no Yaiba
9. Straighten Up!
10. Yuragi-sō no Yūna-san
11. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Terra the Earthling (One-Shot)
12. Food Wars!
13. Red Sprite
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

World Trigger has entered hiatus. No known date for its return.

Japanese Issue 52 Info

Cover, Lead Colour: Ore Golasso (New Series)
Center Colour: Demon’s Plan, Samon the Summoner, Kimetsu no Yaiba

Japanese Issue 1 Info

Cover: One Piece

Japanese Issue 50


Food Wars! (Cover, Lead Colour)
One-Punch Man
The Promised Neverland
My Hero Academia
Black Clover
Red Sprite
Love Rush! (Final Chapter)

Demon’s Plan will run as part of Jump Start.

This issue’s Nihongo Lesson.

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