Development Update – April 11, 2017

Well, it’s been about a year since my last blog update (I’ve been keeping information flowing via Twitter), so I suppose it’s time I sat down and explained what’s been going on.

As per usual, my focus on law school has been the reason for slow development. Not a surprise. Nobody thought developing through law school would be easy, least of all me. I have summer work lined up, so my three months off school won’t have much time either.

Regardless, significant progress has been made. But one game at a time.

First off, the combat for Love♥Rank is done…ish. A couple caveats:

  • One particular modifier to damage is not yet implemented (it’s a quick thing to do, since I can largely repurpose the elemental modifier code, so I’ll hammer it out on my next opportunity).
  • The enemy AI I went over last July has not been implemented yet. Currently, all enemies select a random target for their first attack, then the nearest from that point.
  • If the writer decides to have the characters converse in combat, I’ll need to add in support for that.
  • Of course, art and music is still completely absent. Attack animations aren’t present and instead state “[animation here]”.
  • I managed to add things like walls and slopes to allow attacks from higher ground (in addition to danger areas like lava that you cannot enter except on purpose), but not every attack makes logical sense with this system yet (i.e. you can stab someone from atop a nearby cliff).
  • End of battle stuff like the results window, gaining EXP and item drops, etc., are not yet implemented – winning or losing a battle crashes the game.
  • I want to display attack ranges before an attack is launched (i.e. when declaring a target). Currently it’s only displayed afterwards. This would be no small feat.

Moving from there, I’ve begun work on the menus. The main pause window, as well as Status and Tactics have been completed. Of course, there are several additional ones that I cannot work on until related mechanics have been implemented, but I can at least implement the Equipment menu before stopping work there.

I’m honestly not sure which mechanic should be implemented next. Most likely item crafting, then the out-of-battle hub, then dungeons, I guess. That would just leave cutscenes, bosses and and side mechanics.

Also, the title is likely to be changed, as I’d previously mentioned. Current one floating around is ∞ Supers, with the ∞ being a fallen 8 (the number of player characters).

As for The Turtle Who Had Wings, I’ve run into an issue of enemy count. I thought I had a good amount, but the current count turned out to not be enough for the start of the game, when I wanted to start with a small amount of enemies and slowly introduce more over the course of it. It’s enough for the end of the game, however.

I believe the solution here is to create more enemies, likely some more complex ones, and nerf the current ones to be minimal-attention enemies that are easy to kill as you focus on the rest. That would likely spice things up a bit.

I discovered this issue when I tried making the third level of the game with the enemies I’d slated to be available then. I’ve at least confirmed that the gameplay idea is fun, I just need to polish it up, and adding more enemies is one of the first steps to that. I’ll likely be cutting one of the gameplay styles to keep only two, though.

And that’s the extent of current progress on both projects since last year. Hopefully I’ll make more progress to report on soon.