Under Your Radar: The Rising of the Shield Hero (web novel)

(Web novels generally don’t have art, so this post will be fairly art-free)
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Shield Hero LN Cover
This is the Light Novel’s cover.

It’s time for Under Your Radar! This time, we’ll be discussing The Rising of the Shield Hero (Japanese title: Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari). It was a web novel written by Aneko Yusagi, which updated daily until its conclusion. It was then adapted to a light novel, actually having editors this time, which then received a manga adaptation. I’ll be talking about the web novel today, but I recommend reading the manga. The story received notable rewrites when the editors got on board to make it into a light novel. The light novel and manga have been licensed by One Peace Books, with releases having already started two weeks ago.

The story is thus: Our protagonist, a college student named Naofumi, is called to a fantasy world as the hero of the shield. There are two other heroes, corresponding to a spear, sword and bow. Most humans hate the hero of the shield, while the demi-humans love him due to the previous hero of the shield being especially nice to their kind. Continue reading

Morphtronics, Transform and Roll Out!

I’ve been playing a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! lately, and I’ve gotten my Morphtronic deck as good as it’s getting right now unless they put out some surprise support or ridiculously powerful Synchro that I can summon (granted, more Synchros are due soon due to the current arc of ARC-V). Granted, I may forget something obvious and need to adjust it.

This deck has been the main deck I’ve used in this game since the archetype’s initial release, so I have all of their combos completely figured out. I’ll explain the ones possible in this build, but first the list is below.

For those unaware, the deck is a Transformers parody, though I see them more are minicons. Continue reading

The Hobby Returns! Yu-Gi-Oh!

As some of you may be aware, I’d previously dropped Yu-Gi-Oh! after YCS Toronto 2011, where I got more losses than wins. I have now returned to the game, and will be posting about it every so often. Of course, given that I have enough skill at the game to be certified as a level 1 Judge (twice, once before and once after by break from the game), I’m just gonna assume anyone reading my posts knows the basic rules (though I’ll try to explain the most complex stuff the first time they show up). Continue reading