No More Jump Rankings Posts

After much deliberation, I will be ceasing all Jump ToC Rankings posts, effective immediately.

My life has simply gotten too busy, to the point that reviews have slowed to one per year, I’m constantly tardy with any posts (including this one, which I meant to post 3 weeks ago), and things are slated to get much busier in 2018. There are also many other places one can find the Japanese rankings, at least.

All other content will continue at their existing, glacial pace.

Thank you for your understanding.

How About an Update?

So, as of just over a month ago, I began living in New York City, for law school. You may have noticed that, after suddenly being on a roll with new posts, they suddenly stopped – that’s why.


Now, while law school isn’t particularly difficult yet, I’m told it will be, and it’s still a fairly major time drain due to the amount of required reading. I will post when I have the time, but the last few weekends have been pretty aggravating (especially this one that just ended). Continue reading

I’ve Been Writing for Siliconera Lately

I figure enough time has passed for me to say this. For obvious reasons, I can’t link back here from there unless the stars align, but nothing stops me from linking there from here.

The long and short of it is that I’ve been writing a bit for Siliconera as of late. Specifically, I’ve been doing “playtests”, which are like game reviews except I’m not allowed to make a judgement on whether or not a game is worth purchasing. Also, let’s talk about me shaking some things up.

So I Graduated…

Reconstructing the Chaos
I picked this image for this post because… Because… Heck if I know, actually.

It’s been years in the making, and I’m about a week late posting about it thanks to other family celebrations and E3, but a stage of my life has now ended. As of June 6th, I have graduated. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Legal Studies (Honours). Of course, those of you following my Twitter feed knew as it happened, since I posted regarding how I was confident my name would be pronounced incorrectly. Shockingly, the announcer got it exactly right (after a long pause). Continue reading

Two Years, Huh…

So, today marks two years of this blog running. I’m surprised I’ve been at it this long. Especially with an average of just over one post per three days. Now, what to do for it…

…Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Nothing really “special” has happened over the past two years for the blog itself that isn’t just the blog’s normal day-to-day operations. Which has been slowing down lately. Fourth year is brutal. Continue reading